The Annual General meeting was held on April 21, 2009, in Room #3, of the Community Centre.

Meeting commenced at 7P.M. and was well attended. A Quorum was present.

Guest speaker was Town Councillor Darwin Wren who spoke on Senior?s topics and the nature of concerns within the community, specifically, as well as the region. This applied to their welfare, as well as the needs of all inhabitants ? young or older – regarding Home Care and Health Care in general. Shortages in the Health Care system are nearing critical stage, not only in Tumbler Ridge but also regionally.

He answered questions and covered the topics well, and welcomed the participation following the general meeting with the illuminating data as it unfolded from reports of the Treasurer, Grief support (Respite) and the overview by the President.

Many thanks were extended to him for his knowledge of, and sincerity of purpose, for the present needs of our community and for the future.

There was significant discussion regarding the lack of understanding ?still- within the Community of the aims as well as the resources available through the Society, for assistance to families and individuals, though ads in the NEWS and brochure literature has been circulated in the Health Centre, Community Centre, other facilities and shops.

Access to the main societal features, grief support, material needs, plain relief to the family for a respite time and other features are available through members and the Health Care professionals in our town.

For privacy, and confidentiality, the Home Care Nurse, or M.D., should refer the family to the information available, and then contact with the Society may be addressed as to needs and services available.

All Society ?Volunteer? members have confidentiality agreements as well as RCMP clearance. The term Volunteer signifies that the member has received training as prescribed in the B.C. Hospice/Palliative Care Association manuals.

The lack of response by the various formal venues – RCMP, FIRE as well as other Societies and the Ministerial cooperative in the Community regarding usage of the two Hospice Facilities is of concern, and will again be addressed with up-dated data.

A new Board was elected for 2009-10. They are as follows:

President, Doug Foerster; Vice President: Lenore Sprake, Secretary Donna Mandeville, and Treasurer Shirley Lausch. Directors elected were: Mary Buist, Prudence Mueller, Vicky Bye, and Florence Stirling.

Major Initiative for 2009 – 10

Thanks to money and product donors was highlighted. A funding subsidy may be available to train Home Care (B.C. Certification) via Northern Lights College as well as to help persons with Home Care training from other jurisdictions coordinate with NLC to realize their Certification. Also, funds may be authorized to subsidize families in need of additional professional home support not provided by Northern Health or other means. A financial report is a requirement of subsidy, which may be a maximum of $10.00 per hour, with time allocations established by request. This venue is completely confidential and will be adjudicated by a Health Care Professional (M.D. or R.N.)

This adjustment to an hourly wage of (possibly) $20.00 per hour with e.g. $10.00 from family and $10.00 from the Society could be an attraction to persons with qualifications working at odd times, as required by the Family/Medical needs.

Information regarding the use of the Hospice facilities is readily available by contacting Doug Foerster, @ 242-5870, Flo Stirling @242-5831 or Lenore Sprake @242-7404.

Contracts and guarantors for possible costs and considerations are required, with Palliative Cases a priority at all times.

The meeting was closed at 9.00 P.M.

Persons interested in becoming a member please call the above persons, or any Director.

Organizations and persons interested in providing funds or requiring more information of this initiative please call any of the above.

This is an initiative that, we believe, is unique to Tumbler Ridge, and is welcomed by Northern Health who, also, have provided funds to the Society for Training and other useful benefits to the Society ?Volunteers? and ultimately to the community.