Tumbler Ridge in Bloom

Those fortunate enough to go on the Garden Club tour were treated to several hours of lovely flower gardens, ponds and other creative landscape features. The sun shone and the weather was perfect as 25 people enjoyed the tour. Those on the tour were also given ballots to cast their vote for their favorite garden. There was a pre-tour on Monday night for those participating in the competition which gave them an opportunity to see other competitors? gardens. There are prizes for first, second and third which will be announced Aug. 31 at the regular meeting of the Garden Club in Room 1 of the Community Centre.

?Some of the gardens we saw were outstanding. The landscaping and the amount of work involved to create these gardens is tremendous. There are beautiful properties,? said Ellen Sager, Garden Club spokesperson. ?All of the gardens are a work in progress. Some are smaller and show that you can still have a nice garden and nice flowers but on a limited scale. Some have beautiful water features, which create a lovely atmosphere in a garden.?

There are twelve houses in all participating in the tour. ?Some people were able to create their gardens in one year and some have worked on their gardens over many years. The variety of trees, shrubs and flowers growing in Tumbler Ridge is wonderful to see.? said Sager. ?Some people have planted for the first year so we are looking forward to seeing them on tour next year to see how some of those plants survive the winter?

Thanks to the Garden Club for all of your work and to those people who have taken so much time and effort on beautifying our community.