Tumbler Ridge Information Session on Service Canada Programs

Canada Program Officer Andrea Robertson presented an information session on the various programs available through the Government recently at The Tumbler Ridge Library. The number of people attending here exceed the other presentations in the Peace.

Robertson demonstrated the Service Canada website with the projector at the library.

Some of the programs demonstrated were The Job Creation Partnership, Summer Career Placement, Career Focus, and the Skills Link programs.

The Summer Career Placement program is a program focused on what an employer can do for a student as opposed to what a student can do for an employer.

The Career Focus program, which Robertson thought to be the best for Tumbler Ridge, is designed to support projects that create jobs that will provide eligible participants with opportunities to gain meaningful work experience.

Project activities benefit both the participant and the community; however, the primary focus must be on the individual, not the sponsor/employer or the community. The skills link program is a program that hires persons with learning or employment barriers.

The Job Creation Partnership program is designed to help anyone who has been in employment assistance gain employment experience. This program helps these people to have more exposure to the community as well as business and computer skills.

Along with these programs, both employers and students can register for the Hire a Student program online through the Services Canada website at www.serviceCanada.ca. Our nearest Service Canada Centre is in Dawson Creek at Suite 201 10401 10th Street. They are open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. They can be contacted by phone at 250 782-5877 Fax 250 782-4544.

Information on these programs is also available at TRENDS, located on the second floor of Tumbler Ridge Place.