Tumbler Ridge Internet Café Opens

Ray Gramlich is the proud new owner of Java on Main. He opened up on August 5th, and so far has made some great changes to the look and feel of the coffee shop. A new color combination on the walls adds a sense of serenity, and new pastries and goodies are added to the featured items. Ray has many plans for the future of his business, and said that he is always looking for new ideas.

First on his list of things to do, is to get connected to the Internet. Recently he purchased two computers from Three Monkeys, in Dawson Creek, and is now just waiting for the arrival of them. People will be able to check their e-mails on a regular basis, and the computers will be equipped with some Microsoft products. Ray feels that this will be a great attribute to his business, and really help those in town out that need to get online early in the morning, or later in the evening. Java on Main is open from 6 am to 8 pm, all week long, and is the only place in town to get a gourmet coffee to go!

Java on main offers over 17 kinds of gourmet drinks, and hopes in the future to serve Italian Soda?s, Iced Mocha?s and Cappuccino?s. The type of coffee that he uses is illy, Machine?s N Beans supply?s the coffee for Java on Main, these delicious beans are imported straight from New York.

Future plans also consist of adding organic breads to his list of available sandwiches, and a delivery service.

Ray would also like to see musicians in to entertain in the near future!

Right now you can go and enjoy a cup of jo at Java on Main, you will be served by Ray, or by staffers Lynn Way, or Tammy Nichols.

So if you are interested in performing, sitting with friends or just reading the paper, you can go check out the New Java on Main, or call (250) 242-5656, or (250) 242-1414.