Tumbler Ridge is a Golden Town

Natassja Anto-Keshen


Bev Huston sits on the carpet in front of her desk assembling a swivel chair. She’s hard at work getting the office ready for the grand opening of her new business, Black Gold Realty.

The office is on a corner, so natural light fills the room and gives a bright, professional impression despite the boxes and obvious work-in-progress.

Huston is calling the real-estate company Black Gold after her feelings about the town itself. “I wanted to draw attention to all of the things Tumbler has to offer,” she explains. “Black for the coal, and all of the other great natural resources make it golden. Tumbler Ridge is a golden town.”

With several years of realtor experience under her belt, as well as having worked as a welfare agent, Huston feels she is in a unique position to serve her clients and the community. “When you help somebody find just what they need, and what’s best for them, that’s the most rewarding thing of all,” she says. “Sales is always sales, but purchasing a home is a very big step and I want to make sure to help my clients understand the process so that they can make the best choices.”

Huston is licensed to work in trading (selling homes), property management (maintaining rental properties), and strata (apartment building management) and is planning on hiring more agents in the future. Right now she is facing all of the struggles you might expect when starting your own business: Trouble with setting up phone lines puts a hold on ordering business cards and having no business cards makes it hard to spread the word.

But, as evidenced by the now-finished chair, things are already getting going, says Huston. She is getting right to business anyways and invites anybody to stop by.