50 individuals were arrested in Tumbler Ridge on Thursday. What did they do wrong? Not a thing. They were helping raise money for Dino Days.

Dino Days coordinator Florence Stirling was the presiding judge at Thursday?s Jail and Bail, in the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre. Florence set bail amounts that ranged from $1 to $25. Once bail was met, prisoners were released.

The first person to be arrested Thursday was Kevin Pack. All prisoners enjoyed donuts and coffee during their stay in the makeshift cell. Everyone was cooperative although there were several individuals who avoided arrest by sneaking out back doors.

Six hundred fifty four dollars was raised. All of this money will be going towards the Dino Days, which is being held September 4 and 5th. This will be a fun day for the whole family.

Thanks to officers Gerald Grobmeier and Beth Graham for spending their afternoon arresting community members, as well as acting deputies Ed Thiede, and Frank Walsh, both from the Tumbler Ridge Lions Club, who assisted in the arrests.