Tumbler Ridge Jail n? Bail

Tumbler Ridge RCMP, in partnership with Mrs. Crispin?s Grade 8 French class at T.R.S.S. will be hosting a Jail n? Bail at this year?s Fall Fair. The Fall Fair will be held in the T.R.S.S. gym on Saturday October 20, 2007. Funds raised will be used by the French class for their educational trip to Montreal in February.

What is a Jail n? Bail you ask? It?s very simple. Apparently, the police CAN be bought, and very cheaply too. $25 will buy the services of a police officer who will arrest the person of your choice. This person gets thrown (seriously, we pick them up and toss away) in jail. We will construct a jail in the gym so all can come and gawk and laugh at the prisoners. Now here?s the catch: The prisoner has to post at least $100 bail ($40 for kids) to get out. If they don?t have the cash on them, we will give them a phone and they can call their friends and enemies for a loan. Cash, coins, money orders and cheques will all be accepted.

So, how to you get your boss, um, I mean someone arrested? Just fill out one of the blank arrest warrants and bring it either to Tumbler Ridge RCMP or to Mrs. Crispin at T.R.S.S. Make sure you enclose the $25. We don?t turn a wheel without the money, honey. The arrest warrant will include the name of the criminal, where to find him or her, and the offence committed. Be as creative as you want with the offence without becoming profane. Armed with the arrest warrant, a RCMP member will locate the desperado and arrest same very loudly and publicly.

We will start at 10:00 ish and end at 15:00 ish. Mug shots will be taken and can be purchased for a nominal donation. Some may make it into the newspaper.

Arrest warrants are available from the front counter at Tumbler Ridge RCMP and Mrs. Crispin at T.R.S.S. They will also be available at the Fall Fair. It is first come first served!

RULES: (We are all about rules)

1. This is a fun event so make sure that the person you want arrested has a sense of humour. If we come across someone who is perturbed at being arrested, we will leave them alone, move on and keep your money.

2. If we can?t find someone, you get your money back.

3. We cannot leave town to arrest someone. Therefore, keep it to the townsite.

4. Notwithstanding Rule #3, if you want to make it worth our while to go arrest some bigwig at a remote site, we are willing to negotiate.

5. You are free to warn someone of the impending arrest, or not.

6. You are welcome to come down to the jail and get your $25 worth.

7. RCMP members and their spouses are immune! Kids and pets are fair game.