Tumbler Ridge Mammogram

This service will be in Tumbler Ridge on May 2-3, and will be coming to Tumbler Ridge every six months or so on a rotating basis. To book your appointment call toll free 1-800-663-9203.

Eligibility criteria includes females who:

Are currently 40 to 79 (a docotr?s referral is not necessary).

Are not currently pregrant

Are not currently breast feeding

Do not hve breast implants

Have not had breast cancer

Have no current breast problems such as a

solitary lump, thickening or discharge.

Have not had a mammogram in the last year

Are BC residents

Are able to provide the name of a BC family

doctor and care card number.

Note: If you are under 40 years of age or over 80 years of age please discuss your options with your doctor.