The summer of 2007 Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation programs were amongst the most successful yet. Thanks to a combination of funding sources and donations, eight staff members could be employed.

Dinosaur Camp entered its fifth year, and catered to large numbers of kids aged 7-13, with most weeks being fully booked.

Outreach camps were held as far afield as Moberly Lake and Grande Prairie. Tyler Shaw led these camps, assisted by Chelsea Dupuis. Chelsea developed and led the Northern Wilderness Camps, which were formally presented for the first time, and proved very popular, with interpretive excursions to places like the Boulder Gardens and Stone Corral.

The Dinosaur Footprint Tour guide was Amy Cameron. In the height of the season (August) there was not a day without a booked tour, with often two or three tours a day. Nocturnal lantern tours proved especially popular as usual. Record numbers of visitors enjoyed this unique Tumbler Ridge attraction in 2007.

The opening of the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery created the need for a Gallery Host, to show visitors around the exhibits and welcome them. Tammy Pigeon, Lindsay Nydegger and Daniel Helm shared this task. Well over 2000 visitors have signed the visitors book since the opening in May, and many more have visited but not signed. A counter is being installed so as to monitor visitor numbers more precisely.

Palaeontologists Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckley supervised and co-ordinated these activities and tasks, and were very busy with the field exploration season, assisted by Tammy Pigeon and TRMF volunteers. New dinosaur bone sites were discovered, and an impressive array of fish and marine reptile specimens could be added to the TRMF collections.

All in all it was a great year, with staff that worked hard and worked well together. This will build the foundation for another successful summer season in 2008.