The building of the Monkman Pass Highway in 1937-39 is a story of the power of the human spirit to defy government indifference, defeated only by the outbreak of World War II.

The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) has created a permanent exhibit of this epic and heroic episode in the region?s history. A previously barren wall of the Community Centre now features 24 evocative 24? x 18? enlargements of photographs from Ted Chambers? 1937 album, supported by text panels, captions and colour photographs of Monkman Provincial Park. A map and more Monkman memorabilia will be added to complement the existing photos.

This exhibit of pioneer history complements the TRMF?s coal and fossil exhibits, which opened in June 2003. It was made possible thanks to the Chambers and Jones families, who provided access to their original photo albums, and, by the financial support of BC Parks (through the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection.)

The staff of the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre created this exhibit in record time, with the usual assistance of dedicated Museum volunteers. The first stage of the exhibit was immediately unveiled to Mayor Iles and Council. The encouragement and passion for projects like this by these hard-working and committed councilors is much appreciated.

Tumbler Ridge history is a fascinating and largely untold story. With the creation of this exhibit, part of the story is now tangible, and artfully displayed for residents and visitors alike.