Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation Profile ? Robin Sissons

Hot on the heels of an Ankylasaur, Robin Sissons came to Tumbler Ridge after a friend spoke of being a leader at the Dino Camps. Wanting to experience it for herself, she applied and was chosen to become a leader herself. The rest is history. 2005 was her first year as a Dino Camp leader.

Sisson previously lived in St. Albert, Alberta while attending the University of Alberta, attaining her Bachelor of Science degree while studying in the palaentology program. She is heading into her fourth year of studies and hopes to continue on to her Masters and Doctorate in the future.

Her leadership in the Dino Camps has led to a summer term position with the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) and landed her on site at the Peace Region Paleontology Research Centre on the interim. She says she would love to continue past the summer term working for TRMF, especially to see what a Tumbler Ridge winter would be like. ?It sure wouldn?t be a bad place to live!? she says enthusiastically, when asked if she might set up permanently here.

Her desire to work with youth stemmed from volunteer work she did at the university and has continued with the Dino camps. Sissons? has implemented new aspects to the camp in the ways of updating workbooks and activities that have been used in previous years and need a fresh feel. She has added information on recent findings and interesting tidbits for the kids as well.

This year?s Dino Camps in association with the Tumbler Ridge campus of Northern Lights College and begin June 26th . They continue throughout the summer and the final Dino camp begins August 25th . She and co-leader Tammy Pigeon will be heading to Hudson?s Hope to have a week long camp during August 14 ? 18 that will take place at the Northern Lights College campus in that community.