Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation Quilt Raffle

Three quilts were designed, crafted and donated for raffle to the TRMF souvenir committee by the Ridge Rippers Quilt Guild. The two single sized quilts will delight all dinosaur-lovers.

The extraordinary king sized “Cabin Pools” quilt was machine quilted by Karen Kaun and depicts the three different dinosaur track ways found in the T R area. Close observation of the quilt shows dinosaurs peeking out from every direction! This is a fabulous quilt to curl up under, and the crafters deserve a huge thank-you for their ingenuity and their generosity.

The goal of the souvenir committee is to raise $1500 from the quilt raffle. Souvenirs sold this year range from dinosaur soaps through dino kits and dino pottery and include the very popular dino footprints designed and produced by Hazel Peters with help from the TRMF members. If raffle project goals are met, then the souvenir committee’s fund raising efforts will have made a considerable contribution to the TRMF.

The TRMF souvenir committee thanks the citizens of TR. for their generous support.

Tickets are on sale at the Community Centre and the Health Centre. Cost:

$2.00 each or 3 for $5.00