Tumbler Ridge Museum Profile

This series will introduce the staff of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation. In recent weeks, the staff has increased to six employees, with a seventh in July.

Tammy Pigeon hails from Quebec and has lived in Tumbler Ridge for over a year now. She and her significant other, Mark Cyr, made their way out here mainly because his camp job was closer to Tumbler Ridge than Quebec, by far.

Pigeon has been busy upgrading her education at Northern Lights College and has an exuberant and uncontainable love for geology, specifically rocks and minerals.

Spending many volunteer hours at the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre, where she met curator Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckley, Pigeon became a candidate for hiring with her keen interests.

McCrea has good words to say about Pigeon, remarking that he hopes she will stay with them for a, long time. As for Pigeon?s side of it, she is very pleased to be working on this project and appears to have become fairly knowledgeable on all key points. She has been on a few field trips with McCrea and Buckley and has a good appetite for it. Amongst the background of skeletal and footprint moulds, Pigeon has made a good ?impression?, to say the least.