TR News Now Online Beginning January 07,2004, Tumbler Ridge residents can find out all town events at www.tumblerridgenews.com. The idea of supplying an online news source began two years ago as publisher Lorraine Funk sought to meet the needs of a population that often spends a significant portion of the year out of the immediate area. Now, after doing the proper research and set up, that idea has become a reality. The online set up will enable readers to access all of the stories that will appear in the weekly paper each Monday; two days before the paper is printed and five days before it is delivered to your door.

Another added bonus will be the photos. While the regular paper uses black and white photos, pictures online will be in full colour. There are still some areas that require further development. Classified and display ads will be another few weeks before they become part of the finished, weekly product. In the meantime sales manager, Nancy Fallon is busy selling online ads for regional businesses. Space will be sold in yearlong blocks. Because of the limited space, opportunities will be offered to town businesses first. After that it will be a first come, first served basis. Fallon says the idea is being well received and that several people have already signed on and booked their space for 2004. Interested parties can contact the office at 242-5300 or emailing nancy@tumblerridgenews.com. Those interested in submitting a letter to the paper can now do so by regular mail or by accessing mail@tumblerridgenews.com. Comments about editorials and rambles can be directed to michael@tumblerridgenews.com. So the next time that you go on a trip or leave town for a while, don't leave yourself in the dark. Contact www.tumblerridgenews.com and stay abreast of issues in this lovely place we like to call home.