Tumbler Ridge News notes on Council

1. Mayor Iles called the meeting to order at 7PM.

2. Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of February 16, 2004. Minutes Approved for the Budget Meetings of February 17th, 2004.

3.No Business Arising From the Minutes


5.Petitions and Delegations

a)Letter submitted by Christine Goodwin, Re: Water/Sewer Service Calls. The purpose of this letter was to address concerns with the Public Works ?water/sewer service call? Policy PW3 which has to do with when a resident has a frozen water line they should call a plumber first and if the plumber is not available or cannot do the job, then call Public Works. This results in the resident having to pay a plumber as well as Public Works to do the job. A frozen sewer line is thawed and cleared with a steamer unit and two employees. This procedure can take anywhere from half an hour to four hours. If the line freezes up after regular working hours then the callout is minimum two hours at double time. Clark Hazlehurst, Operations Manager suggests in a memo to Council, that the District policy of ?owner pays? be reviewed. Counillor McPherson would like to know if there is anything that can be done to prevent these freeze-ups. Mayor Iles replied that the line simply isn?t in the ground deep enough. This will be discussed further at Committee of the Whole.


a) TR Cares Hospice and Palliative Care Volunteer Companion Organization, asking Council to consider having a Council member appointed to sit as one of the Advisory Members for this Organization. Mayor Iles asked that this be brought to COW for further discussion after the new Councillor is on board and that contact be made with the Palliative Care Organization to discuss this further.

b) Council accepted for information Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Treaty Negotiations, Re: Civil Liability Issues.

c) Tumbler Ridge TaeKwon Do Association, Re: Appreciation letter thanking Council for use of the town van accepted for information.

7.Staff Reports: a) Motion was made to accept the following staff reports: Chief Administrative Officer?s Report, March1, 2004.


a) Councillor Younge made a motion for the final reading of Bylaw 480, 2004, A Bylaw to Amend District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw No. 436, 2003, A Bylaw to Provide for the Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste, passed.

b) The first three readings of Bylaw No. 481, 2004 ?A Bylaw to Establish a Tourism Accommodation Service.? To review a proposed tourism accommodation service bylaw and subsequent partnering agreement with 680419 BC Ltd. For the continued development of the Wilderness Lodge at 360 Northgate.

9.Councillors Business: Councillor Younge attended the Tourism Industry Conference in Victoria, BC. There were over five hundred delegates at this conference. Younge attended twelve sessions. One of the reasons she was sent to this conference was to bring up the subject of improving the road to Kinuseo Falls. The Minister responsible for this was not in attendance at this conference so Younge recommends that Council send a letter inquiring about improvements to the Kinuseo Falls road. One interesting thing she learned is that the Americans are looking at building a tunnel from Alaska to Siberia. Young said that it would be a good idea to send two Councillors to this conference next time because there was just too much for one person to take in.

Councillor Colledge attended the Museum Foundation?s presentation on Monkman. BC Parks have made a $1500 donation towards a Monkman Display. Colledge also attended the Budget meeting and the Western Canadian Coal meeting. Thank you to Fern Iles from the Higdon family. This was in regards to a fundraiser that was held.

Councillor Steele attended a Golf Course Meeting. Things are ?rolling along quite well?, according to Steel. Hats off to the citizens who voted and the people who ran in the by-election. Councillor Steele made a motion that Council send someone to the Community Forest Opportunities and Practices Conference on the fifteenth of March, in Revelstoke. Motion carried.

Councillor Way attended a Library Board meeting. She also attended the Monkman Presentation and the Western Canadian Coal meeting. She is impressed by the amazing turnouts to these community events.

Councillor McPherson attended a meeting with Gunny from the Wilderness Lodge. He also attended the Western Canadian Coal meeting and would like to see this brought to a COW meeting for discussion, so Council can decide what their level of involvement with this project will be.

Mayor Iles reported that he, Nigel Black and Peter Thomas looked at what repairs could be done to the arena. Mayor Iles was in Dawson Creek last week for a presentation by Dawson Creek Mayor, Dahlen on Fair Share, followed by a discussion. Iles would like to begin putting pressure on BC Rail to repair our rail lines. The cost is estimated to be approximately five million dollars. This needs to be done so industry doesn?t have to absorb that cost of the rail line. It will be difficult to attract industry to town if they are burdened with this additional expense.

Iles also brought attention to a letter sent to Council by Chris Gurnsey thanking Council for the Grad Scholarship he received. Chris is attending Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek and taking Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

10.New Business

a)Councillor Steele made a motion that Council nominate Councillor Don McPherson as a director at large for the North Central Municipalities Association and that the nomination be forwarded to the association. Motion carried.

b)Councillor Younge made a motion that Council grant a fee waiver of $638.94+GST to cover the cost of the facility and equipment rental for the Tumbler Ridge Review Crew in rooms 3,4 and 5 on March 19 and 20,2004, and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account. This is a fundraiser for the Citizens on Patrol program.

c)Councillor Way made a motion that Council grant a fee waiver of $59.60+GST to cover the cost of the facility rental or the Tumbler Ridge Hospice and Palliative Care Committee in meeting room 3, for 3 meetings in March, 2004, and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account.

d)Councillor McPherson made a motion that Council direct staff to schedule a Special Meeting of Council for March 11, 2004 at 10 am and that notice of the meeting be posted.

e)Schedule of Meetings: no changes

11.Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting to discuss a legal issue as per section 90 (1) (g) of the Community Charter.