Tumbler Ridge News Notes on Council

1.Mayor Iles called the meeting to order at 7PM.

2.Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of February 2, 2004. Minutes Approved for the Budget Meetings of January 22, January 26 and January 27, 2004.

3. No Business Arising From the Minutes

4.No Petitions and Delegations


a) Ministry of Human Resources, Re: Time Limits Policy received for information. This letter from Stan Hagen, Minister of the Human Resources Ministry, was in regards to employable individuals who will be affected by the time limits policy the BC Government introduced as part of a new emphasis on employment and personal responsibility in order to motivate employable clients to find a job as quickly as possible and to stay employed. In this letter Hagen indicates that a projected total of 339 clients, who have been receiving income assistance for more than two years, may become ineligible for income assistance or receive a rate reduction.

b) District of North Cowichan, Re: BC Hydro proposed rate increase, they are asking council to write the BC Utilities Commission, expressing concern over the proposed large single jump in hydro rates and ask for a gradual increase of approximately 2% over four years. Received for information.

c) Village of Pouce Coupe, Re: Resolution to Oppose Bill 85 received for information. Councillor McPherson requested more information on Bill 85.

d) City of Burnaby, Re: Goods and Service Tax received for Information. This letter was to inform Council that the City of Burnaby adopted a resolution to support the immediate and permanent elimination of GST payments by Municipalities, School Districts, Universities and other similar bodies. Councillor McPherson asked what kind of savings would this mean for Tumbler Ridge? Nigel Black responded that it would be substantial.

e) City of Fort St. John, from the office of the Mayor, Re: Confined Feeding Operations received for information. This letter asked Council to request the Peace River Regional District consider restrictions on the location of confined feeding operations similar to those adopted by the County of Grande Prairie.

6.Staff Reports:

a) Motions were made to accept the following staff reports: Chief Administrative Officer?s Report

b) Accounts Payable in the amount of $362,439.45

c) Public Works Department report d) Fire Department report

e) Community Services department monthly report

F) Economic Development Department monthly report


a)The first three readings of:

Bylaw No. 480, 2004 ?A Bylaw to Amend District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw 463, 2003 ?A Bylaw to Provide for the Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste.?

Council discussed the payment schedule for the Special Container Agreement of the Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste Bylaw and agreed that they would like to amend the bylaw to allow for the container payments to be paid in four equal payments rather than a lump annual sum.

8.Councillors Business:

Councillor Steele discussed correspondence received from BCGEU, talking about the Provincial Government cuts that have affected large portions of British Columbia?s population including women, youth and families. George Hayman, President of BCGEU is asking Council to adopt a resolution or support the BCGEU resolution asking government to put a hold on program cuts. Councillor Steele also attended a Golf Course meeting.

Councillor Way attended the All Candidates Forum and was impressed with the turn out.

Councillor McPherson is concerned about clear-cut logging that is taking place on the Feller?s Heights Highway. The cutting has come all the way to the road. He would like a meeting with whoever is responsible for this logging. McPherson was under the impression that there was supposed to be a buffer left between the road and the logging activity.

Councillor Colledge reported that she would like to see Council work on The Chamber of Commerce issue. She attended the Arts Council Meeting, the Itchy Feet presentation and the All Candidates Forum.

Councillor Younge

Mayor Iles reported that he had attended a gathering with the Premier, Energy Minister Richard Neufeld and MLA Blair Lekstrom, in Chetwynd. He also attended a Fundraiser in Fort St. John. Mayor Iles was also on hand to drop the puck at the Minor Hockey tournament last weekend.

9.New Business:

a)Canada Day Grant: Councillor Steele made a motion to direct staff to apply for a Canada Day grant to help offset the cost of the 2004 Tumbler Ridge Canada Days festivities.

b)Tourism Advisory Commission (TAC) Membership Selection: Mayor Iles asked if this could be tabled until Councillor Younge was present.

After a discussion Councillor McPherson made a motion the Council act on the recommendation of TAC and appoint the three new members of the TAC with specified terms of service.

Councillors McPherson, Steele and Mayor Iles in favor.

Councillors Colledge and Way opposed.

Schedule of meetings:

Budget open house: Wednesday, February 25th, 10AM.

Western Canadian Coal Open House: Wednesday, February 25, 5 PM.

Advanced Polls February 18th and 23rd.

By-Election February 28th.

10.Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting to discuss a land issue under section 90 (1) (g) of the Community Charter.