Tumbler Ridge News Replaces Community Connections.

The New Year has brought about significant changes for the previous named Community Connections newspaper. Now called the Tumbler Ridge News, the paper has a new name, a new mast and a new look. You can also see the publication on-line beginning January 07, 2004. Publisher Lorraine Funk says the changes were made as part of an ongoing development process, and to more effectively distinguish itself as Tumbler Ridge's news source. Another factor was the number of other publications using similar names. In April 1997 Funk established a made in Tumbler Ridge newspaper. Initially it was an eight-page paper put out every two weeks. There were manual paste-ups, shipments to Quesnel for printing, and a delay of at least a week to get the finished copy back in hand. More than six years later that small publication is still the only locally published newspaper. Now however, the paper is delivered weekly, at least twice the original size, and is transmitted electronically to Grande Prairie for a two-day turnaround. Sales manager Nancy Fallon is pleased with the name change.  It's less confusing for our clientele, especially if they are new or from out of town. The name now says exactly what we do and where we provide our service.