Tumbler Ridge News Report on Committee of the Whole

1. The meeting was called to order at 1PM.

2. Minutes Approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of March 9th, 2004

3. Review of Minutes from the Tourism Advisory Commission Meeting of March 16th, 2004

4. No Business Arising From the Minutes

5. Review of the Agenda, nothing added

6. Chamber of Commerce Meeting Preparation. The purpose of this will be to plan for the first meeting related to creating a new Chamber of Commerce. Susan Munro, who is the representative for the BC Chamber of Commerce in District 12, agreed to attend this crucial first meeting.

7. Lieutenant Governors Visit. The Honourable Iona Campagnolo, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, will be visiting Tumbler Ridge on May 12th. The Lieutenant Governor has expressed an interest in visiting the schools, Councillor Colledge and Councillor Way will gather information and prepare a list of the other things the Lieutenant Governor might like to do while she is in Tumbler Ridge. Once this list is complete, a detailed itinerary for the Lieutenant Governor?s visit will be prepared.

8. Mayor and Council have been invited to attend a dinner on March 29th hosted by Blair Lekstrom M.L.A. Peace River South. This dinner is being held for the Honourable Rick Thorpe, Minister of Provincial Revenue. Councillors Way, Younge, Colledge, Kirby and Mayor Iles have expressed interest in attending.

9. Proposed Bed and Breakfast Bylaw. Gary St. Angelo was called to the table to make a presentation on his concerns with the draft copy of the proposed Bed and Breakfast bylaw. St. Angelo had concerns with two inclusions in this bylaw. First ??Bed and Breakfast Accommodation means a residential single family dwelling operated by the resident, in which rooms are rented to paying guests on an overnight basis for periods of 14 days or less.? St. Angelo had concerns with the 14 days or less, citing several documents, which provided information opposing this number. St. Angelo stated that occupancy in Bed and Breakfast accommodations are often of a longer duration than those of a hotel/motel, especially in Northern BC. St. Angelo asked why this restriction would be placed on a Bed and Breakfast facility but not a motel or hotel.

The other concern that St. Angelo expressed was with ?Bed and Breakfast accommodations, where permitted, are subject to the following conditions:

d) no more than three bedrooms to accommodate a maximum of six bed and breakfast guests shall be permitted in dwelling unit.? St. Angelo stated that he has no problems with three bedrooms but doesn?t agree with the maximum of six people. Provincial guidelines say a maximum of eight people, which allows for families with children.

Shorty Smith, Bylaw Officer, explained that this is a draft that has been drawn up because currently Tumbler Ridge doesn?t have a Bylaw for Bed and Breakfast facilities. Smith said that he came up with six people after talking with other communities, as well, parking spaces can become an issue. Smith stated again that this is a draft copy and it can be changed.

Mayor Iles thanked Gary St. Angelo for his concerns and said that considerations will be made. Councillor Steele said, ?We appreciate you coming in today.? He went on to say that St. Angelo clarified some questions that he had with this draft. Steele explained that reviewing a draft copy is part of the process. Nigel Black said that this will go to a Public Hearing and readings before it becomes a Bylaw.

10.Council Procedures Bylaw, which is a bylaw to regulate the meeting of the Council of the District of Tumbler Ridge and the conduct thereof. The Community Charter states that Council must establish the procedures to be followed for the conduct of its business and must by bylaw,

a) establish the procedures to be followed for Council meetings, the manner by which resolutions may be passed and the manner which bylaws may be adopted

b) establish the procedures to be followed for the conduct of Council and committee meetings

c) provide for the taking of minutes of Council meetings and Council committee meetings including requiring certification of those minutes

d) require advance public notice respecting the time, place and date of Council and committee meetings and establish procedures for giving that notice

e) identify places that are to be public notice posting places

f) establish the procedure for designating a person to act in place of the Mayor and

g) establish the first regular Council meeting date as a day in the first 10 days of December following a general local election.

11. Meeting adjourned