Tuesday December 7, 2004. 7:00 P.M.

Held at Tumbler Ridge Elementary School

IN ATTENDANCE: Linda Helm, Heather Lemon, Karen Thomas

Lesli Mackay, Ruth Walkley, Birgit Sharman, Anita Smith,

Betty Gurnsey; School Board Trustee, Sandy Treit; Vice Principal – TRSS,

CALL TO ORDER: Linda Helm called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.

AGENDA: Agenda was approved as amended. M/S/C

MINUTES: Minutes for November 9, 2004 were approved. M/S/C


The financial report was reviewed.

Deanna Walsh is donating to the PAC : $256.94 ? Partylite sales and

$142.89 ? Home & Gift sales from the ladies night. There was a deposit of $7460.00 to the gaming account for this year. There is money at the high school for busses this year. There is a correction to the financial report that will be reconciled on the next financial statement.

MOTION: To approve the financial report. M/S/C


Sandy Treit reported that there have been good things happening at the high school, a lot is thanks to Linda Helm and the leadership team. She and Carolyn Golightly are doing media and a newsletter was produced and sent out.

There will be a yearbook this year and we will be looking into sponsorship, the cost as of now is about $20.00. This will probably be available in the fall.

Candy-gram is being done at the high school for a cost of $0.50 to offset the cost of the yearbook.

Leadership meets Wednesdays after school and they will be using the digital camera for the yearbook. Students can join the leadership anytime. The enthusiasm is great among the kids. The leadership group is basically a student council and there is not necessarily a representative from each class.

Volleyball is finished Junior and Senior basketball teams have started and there is going to be a tournament.

As a result of the Parent meeting a sub-committee organized a muffin morning at the high school and hopefully it will be successful. Another Parent meeting is being held in January. Nothing formal has come from the cultural audit.

Student recognition day took place yesterday at an assembly at the high school and 6 to 8 kids were recognized, this will take place again in January. Students receive $5.00 and a certificate. The money for this is coming from the school. Numbers at the high school have been steady. Minutes from the PAC meetings will be e-mailed to Sandy and the local paper. Linda will contact Lorraine at the paper to confirm this.


There was a meeting in Dawson Creek regarding the Cultural Audit and there will be another meeting in January to address the issues.

The Traditional School at Rolla was approved in principle.

BCSTA meeting was attended and they put out a Guide To Innovative School Board Practices which had some very interesting proposals. A video conferencing pilot project was the winning proposal. There was a big push on healthy children. Betty made the suggestion to have equal opportunity for all schools, after seeing a high school jazz band perform there. There is optimism to see more funding for the ?have-not? schools.

MOTION: To approve the Administrative and Trustee reports. M/S/C

QUESTION: Has Betty talked to TRE teachers about Destination Conservation Meeting? Betty said she hoped to come to TRE this week.


a) Raffle Tickets ? The number of tickets that went out was increased to 1000. The tickets are to in by this Thursday.

b) Playground ? No one has volunteered to help with this project yet. We will try to find volunteers again in the New Year.

c) Toy Bingo Update ? The toy bingo raised over $3000.00 with the money going towards Graduation expenses, ie: cap & gown rental, etc.


a) Muffin Morning ? Was covered under Administrative report.

b) Lakeview Credit Union Stocking Fund ? Hamper Project does not meet the qualifications to receive the funds from the Credit Union?s

annual raffle, PAC can receive the funds for new playground equipment.

MOTION: That we donate an amount that is equal to half of the funds that we receive from the Lakeview Credit Union Christmas Stocking Raffle to the Christmas Hamper Project. The funds will come from our general account.



DPAC letter ? see attached.


Heather Lemon would like to plan a family Valentine dance at TRE, cost would be $5.00 and each family could bring a baked good. It could take place on the Friday of Winterfest weekend.


Tuesday January 11, 2005 at TRE.