(up to 2007-07-13)

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week its been here in the Ridge. The Cpl. is off on some ?well deserved? holidays for a few weeks so you have to put up with me again for a week. Well deserved; why? He has banker?s hours, sits in his big comfy chair all day behind his big fancy desk. No wonder he needs some time off. He has arm chairs in his office too. He probably cuddles in for a nap every afternoon.

OK then, its settled you can ride with me for a week and learn about real police work. I will start with my favorite impaired driver story. I will tell this because it is educational as people still don?t seem to be getting it that it is dangerous, illegal and costly individually and to society. And because it is a pretty funny story. I will have to change it a little because the courts aren?t done with this one yet.

So I am on patrol when I see a car coming from the opposite direction. It is 3 am so anything that moves catches my attention. As we pass each other the vehicle pulls to the side of the road with its signal light on. I think to myself that seems odd, do I have my emergency lights on or have I gone deaf and have my siren going. Well after I confirm that neither of these things is on I decide to go have a closer look. By now the car has turned the corner and is momentarily out of sight. When I turn the corner there is the car. Stopped in the middle of the street. So now I flip my lights on then I notice the vehicle go into park. Apparently there is no need to pull the car to the side of the road. I approach the driver and ask for his license and registration. In a voice where every word strings together I devise that the driver does not have a license. I try to clarify does the driver mean he does not have his card or does he not have a license. He either does not understand the question or I am sober so do not understand his answer. I have already taken the keys from the ignition at this point and the driver now decides he should have a drink from a pop bottle that was between his legs as all this talking has clearly made him thirsty. As he goes for the drink I take the bottle, and, after taking a quick sniff, decide it had been mixed about 90 % booze and 10 % cola. Not sure why you bother with the cola at that point. OK, how about your name sir, what is your name? Again some garbled mess. Can you spell it for me sir? But each time he tried, he got distracted part way through, again no luck. OK, well I guess you are going to get arrested without a name, I will just continue to call you sir. Please step from the vehicle sir. But try as he may he could not get the door open and it seemed he maybe trying to unlock the door, but he could not. Then a moment of brilliance on his part; the window is down, why not just climb out the window? One arm and foot out later and he decided that was far too much effort. Another turning point, he realized that the car had a bench seat; he could just crawl across and try the other door. As luck would have it, it was unlocked and he was freed from the car and had two friendly Mounties to help him to a nice place to sleep. They gave him lots of paper for him and his lawyer to read in the morning too. Before falling asleep, I asked him don?t you think you were too drunk to drive? I think he responded that no, he was too drunk to walk, he had to drive.

Unfortunately, people seem to have this attitude. Statistics do not seem to be enough to change people?s minds. Fines and prohibitions don?t seem to do it. Keep in mind that people die from things like this and would it not be a better choice to have a safe way home. You may not die in the crash you cause while drinking, but someone else may. Please keep that in mind and do the right thing.

Now for some current events. As it gets warmer outside, people get thirstier and drink more than they should. This in turn leads to meeting the friendly Mounties at the most inopportune times. We have had lots of visitors on our concrete bunks this week. Please drink in moderation if you choose to drink.

The skate park continues to be a problem at night for noise when people are trying to sleep. We will now write tickets, seize liquor and arrest whenever possible. We and the good people that are trying to sleep and then get up to go to work and add to society are tired of the nonsense and warnings clearly have not worked.

One last thing needs to be addressed. Some youth lately feel that it is a good idea to take Mom and Dad?s car for a spin. Not only is this extremely dangerous, the liabilities, for youth and owner, are unbelievable if there is damage, injury or death. Parents if you suspect anything of this nature please take precautions to prevent it. Young people wait until it is time or you may never be allowed to drive legally. Unless you plan on paying ICBC upwards of $1 million or more, depending on outcome as insurance will not cover!

OK, I promise this is the last thing. Someone stole a special needs scooter that is used by a special needs child. That is low! It is bad enough that people steal from children, but a special needs child. If anyone has any information on this, please let us know. Whoever did this needs to become more respectful and considerate.

Well that?s all for me. The good Cst. JENKINS is to inform you for the next two weeks.

Keep the shiny side up.

Cst. Wade HARVEY