Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

(Up To November 2, 2007)

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week its been here in the Ridge. So, after youre dead, how would you like to be remembered? I mean, what do you want on your tombstone, in 15 words or less, that will describe your life? And when you get buried, do you want a 21 gun salute at your funeral, or do you just want to be buried in a shoe box next to Fido in the back yard? Well, I got to thinking ?bout eternity the other day and was thinkin what would people say about me when I died. So I looked up the RCMP Honor Roll, to see how those who died in the line of duty would forever be remembered. Youd be surprised what the historical RCMP records reveal. For those of you who insist on trying to rewrite history to make it more politically correct, this edition aint for you. For those of you who like reading historical documents, the following causes of death are a matter of historical record that are documented on the RCMP Honor Roll in Ottawa, Ontario.

Cst. William Reading – Died December 14, 1890 – Died from injuries received when Supt. J.H. McIllres horse, which he was exercising, fell on him.

Sgt. William Wilde – Died November 10, 1896 -Killed by Charcoal, alias Bad Young Man, a Blood Indian fugitive murderer, near Dry Forks, N.W.T., while attempting to arrest him.

Sgt. Ralph Donaldson – Died August 14, 1908 – Drowned when his police boat was attacked by a herd of walruses, off Marble Island, Hudson Bay, N.W.T.

Cpl. Maxwell Bailey – Died April 23, 1913 – Killed at Grassy Lake, Alberta, while attempting to apprehend Oscar Fonberg, a suspected lunatic.

Cpl. Ernest Usher – Died August 7, 1920 – Killed while attempting to arrest train bandits, at Bellevue, Alberta.

Cst. Harry Rapeer – Died May 23, 1940 – Accidentally killed, while endeavoring to stop a runaway team of horses, at Regina, Sask.

Cpl. Donald Harvey – Died June 23, 1967 – Killed as a result of a bullet wound, inflicted by Leonard Otto Borg, at Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Cpl. Kurt Peats – Died, emotionally, October 10, 1979 – When his horse, Blaze, was sold to pay for gas money to move to Fort McMurray, Alberta.

OK, so maybe the last one wasnt on the Roll, but its true (sniff). If you would like to read more, go to www.rcmp-grc.ca/honours_recog/ and see for yourself.

The reason Im bringing this to your attention is that Remembrance Day will be here shortly. We owe everything to the men and women in the armed forces who fought, died and served, to give us the freedoms that we so greatly cherish. If you can, attend a memorial ceremony on November 11, 2007. That is the least we can do to honor their sacrifice.

So, now the snooze…..(I really need to get a better segue). For all those losers out there, we have some finders. In fact a very valuable ring was turned into the office. Not only that, we have a very nice watch, that a good hearted person brought into the office. If you are missing these items, please come to the office to identify/claim them. No guessing allowed.

A log jam under the Wolverine Bridge on Highway 29 was set a blaze last week. The local fire department attended the scene and was able to put it out before any damage occurred to the bridge. If anyone knows who lit this fire, please call Crime Stoppers as the police would like to have a word with the person.

When you see frost on the pumpkin, what do you think? Halloween is over? I think car crashes. And then I think about the inevitable, ?Gosh, darn officer, I scraped my windows this morning but didnt think that the roads would be slippery.? Two car crashes this week. Both vehicles totaled. Minor injuries. One crash was on the Flatbed Creek Bridge, on Highway 52E heading out to Quintette. The bridge deck was slick and a crew cab with four occupants left the roadway and rolled down the bank. The driver was not wearing his seatbelt and was ejected during the rollover. Usually this means death, however the driver only received minor scrapes and cuts. Two of the three passengers were not wearing their seatbelts either, and, during the rollover, did their best impressions of Hillbilly Popcorn. Folks, sheesh already, wear your seatbelts. It aint rocket science.

The other accident happened when a pickup pulled over to the side of the road to allow vehicles behind to pass. When the driver attempted to reenter the traveled portion of the road, he hit a patch of ice, lost control and rolled over an embankment.

Before I forget, I need to tell you about the RCMP Community Meeting. The details have now been nailed down. November 21, 2007 at 7 PM in rooms 4 +5 at the Community Center. The purpose of this meeting is twofold: to update you on crime stats and crime trends for Tumbler Ridge, and then to solicit your input as to what your concerns are, and where the police should focus their attention for the upcoming year.

Well talk again next week the Good Lord willing. Until then, keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats