Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

In our last issue Cpl. Peats issued a statement that the Police Blotter would not be a published, effective December 5 issue. We know how popular the Blotter is, and we hope that our readers comments and input will make a difference and put the Blotter back in the newspaper where it belongs.

The Blotter is enjoyed by readers not just in Tumbler Ridge, but throughout North America. In this issue I want to share some of the comments that Tumbler Ridge News has received from across the country. Please send in your comments and concerns to mail@tumblerridgenews

Loraine Funk, Publisher

Regina, Saskatchewan

Dear Sir/Madame

I was shocked to hear that the ?Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter? will no longer be a feature of your publication. Although I have only a tentative connection to Tumbler Ridge, I thoroughly enjoyed the ?weekly? musings and quips of Cpl. Kurt Peats. (It is the first article that I search for when accessing the website.) Cpl. Peats provided a down-to-earth perspective of life in the community of Tumbler Ridge. He told it like it was!

Obviously, his comments hit too close to home for some transgressors of the law. It seems that his message was indeed getting through and having some effect.

I deeply regret and disagree with the decision that was made to discontinue Cpl. Peat?s contribution and sincerely hope that after reflection of the matter, the ?Police Blotter? will be re-instated. Cpl. Peats deserves a great deal of credit for his initiative and inspiration in dealing with local issues from a very unique perspective.

I truly hope that this is not ?the end of the Police Blotter?.

Best regards,

Fred R. J. Martin

Regina, Saskatchewan

Good evening

Yellowknife, NWT

I live in Yellowknife and have owned a home (vacation/retirement) in Tumbler Ridge since 2000. I read the Tumbler Ridge News weekly on the Internet and read the paper whenever I am in town.

I regret that Cpl Peats Blotter may not appear in the future. I have always found his articles to be entertaining and informative. In addition to his harmless humour, he showed us all that he cares for the community. I realize that in this day in age of Political Correctness we have to go to the extremes to avoid offending the oversensitive and I am presuming that the demise of Cpl Peats? article was probably the result of a little too much fun being poked at someone who deserved a lot worse.

Cpl. Peats weekly articles kept us informed and aware of what is happening in and around Tumbler Ridge and I believe that by depicting drunk drivers, drug users, brawlers, thieves and other offenders as absurd and stupid as well as criminal he hopefully discouraged at least a couple of them from re-offending.

If Cpl Peats Blotter will no longer be published, will the paper find another means of keeping us all informed and aware of what ?the other half? are doing?


Ian McCrea Yellowknife, NT

and 310 – 108 Spruce Avenue

Tumbler Ridge, BC

I was very disappointed to read in this week?s paper that The Blotter is to be no more. It was an interesting and informative, and I do hope Cpl. Peats will reconsider his decision to quit writing it. It was always his article I read before reading the front page of your newspaper.

Fraser, Peace Region

December 6

Good Afternoon,

I write this letter with concern knowing that I will not be able to sit back and enjoy Cpl. Kurt Peats? weekly Police Blotter.

As a former TR resident (1983-1989), serving in the Armed Forces here and abroad, I?ve always enjoyed finding some time to sit down and keep up to speed on what?s been happening in TR, the good and the bad.

It is a shame that some narrow-minded individuals can not appreciate his good natured ribbing of some of the more ?interesting? folks in the community. Perhaps their guilt/low self- esteem drives them to solely dwell on the negatives.

A sad day indeed. Just soldier on & keep up the good work Cpl. Peats, BZ.


With the final instalment of The Blotter in last week?s NEWS, Tumbler Ridge has taken another step backward. Once again the ?Self-righteous Few?, with their grossly overexaggerated self importance, and a sense of humour roughly on par with that of a dill pickle, has taken it upon itself to be the social and moral conscience of our Community.

I personally don?t know who gave them that right ? but as for me, I am big, ugly – and yes – educated enough to make my own decisions without help from this self-appointed group (or person) who seems to have way too much time and very few constructive ways to use it.

I salute Corporal Peats and the members of our Detachment for the unique way they had of letting us know what was happening in our community. Coming from a province where having a good chuckle at our own expense is a way of life, I totally enjoyed the way that each member who contributed to The Blotter was able to put his or her own humorous spin on the week?s happenings as they were presented to the public; and knowing that The Blotter was read in so many other communities throughout North America must mean that others besides me also enjoyed a good read.

Again, I say it?s a very sad commentary on us as a community that the majority has to bow to the wishes of the few.

In closing, may I offer a little advice to the community at large: Tread softly, and be very careful what you name your Teddy Bears! You could be next!!

Frank Walsh, Tumbler Ridge

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 3:09 PM To: mail@tumblerridgenews.com

Subject: Bring back the blotter

The Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter is the best read week after week. Not only is it fun, it is also informative. Please do what you can to bring it back.

Colleen Hughes

To: Tumbler Ridge News

I find it very upsetting ?Not? to see his write up in the paper. That is the first thing I look for when going on the Internet to Read the TR Newspaper. I hope he gets enough Kudo?s and will put his little articles back on . We will miss him.

Elaine Clark

From Westbank, BC

I am writing to tell you how very disappointed I am that Corporal Peats has decided not to continue his Police Blotter column. I first stumbled across his column quite a while ago now but it quickly became a regular internet destination for me.

With all the unfortunate publicity the RCMP gets, Corporal Peats was a candle in the wind showing the very human face (even with his tongue occasionally in his cheek) of a great group of under-appreciated men and women.

Here?s hoping Corporal Peats will be back at his keyboard very soon. The Mounties may not always get their man… but they definitely get first-class Public Relations from Kurt Peats.


J. G. Stevens

Westbank, BC

I would sincerely like to thank CPL Kurt Peats for the way his writes the Blotter. I think some people just need to lighten up a bit. Life could use a little bit more humour and anyway what ever happened to freedom of speech.

I personally would be sad to see the way the Blotter is written, to change. I read our local papers here and always look forward to an update of the goings on in TR. Don?t let those nay sayers discourage or stress you out. Keep up the good work. I am happy knowing the streets are a better place with you out their protecting our citizens and our property.

Bernie Clyne

From Vernon, BC

As a retired policeman living in Vernon who has a relative in your town, I have been a regular reader of your Police blotter As you know he is not the greatest writer and is somewhat repetitious, however some of the stories are quite funny and his column also give some insight to your community and surrounding area.

Gerry Hughes.

Brampton, Ontario

It was with great dismay that I read that the Blotter will be no more. As an ex resident of T.R., I look forward to reading feature each week. I found it funny and informative all at once. It was the main reason I went the Tumbler Ridge News website each week and will miss it.

Please don?t give up the blotter!!!!

Diane Slowgrove

Brampton Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Each Monday I look forward to reading the T.R. News. The first article that I look for is the ?T.R. Police Blotter? as I know I am assured a smile or two (and sometimes a chuckle) to take me through the day no matter what else comes my way. On the rare Monday when the ?Blotter? is missing, I feel very let down and nothing goes well for the entire week! I cannot imagine week after week with no ?Blotter?. Perhaps I need ?to get a life??

It is so sad when those with no sense of humour are allowed to rule! I truly worry about the future of our civilization ……. global warming is minor compared to attitudes of those living in/ruling our world.

It is that ?weekly peek into the heart of the community? that has helped me to understand life in a small N.E. BC town and caused my casual interest in T.R. to grow into a desire to visit and perhaps live there one day.

Please consider returning ?the Blotter? to the T.R. News!

Beth in snowy Ottawa

To the editor,

Please, please, please convince Cpl. Peats to continue writing the blotter! Though at times it is kinda corney, at least we get an idea of what is happening on the policing side in TR. Maybe we, as citizens, should get a petition together to try to convince him (and his superiors) that his weekly rant is valuable to us.

Please don?t go Kurt!!!! Who could ever find you offensive? If they do, they must be the ones you are portraying in your blotter (ie. the dumb criminals) and what they do is way more offensive then you?ll ever be. We need your sense of humour when it comes to these no-minds!

Again Kurt, don?t go!

From Chilliwack

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to say that I am one of those who have enjoyed the Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter very much and am saddened by it?s going. Thank-you for the laughs, the inspired writing and the unique glimpses into the community of Tumbler Ridge!

Dyan Kauppi

Chilliwack, BC

What! No more ?Blotter??

I had wondered what happened to it. Well this column was the highlight of my week. I think it was one of the best items in the TR News and I really would like it brought back. I look for it every week and am disappointed when it?s not there. It?s just hilarious and some people need to lighten up, I guess.

Dina Haavind :)

Tumbler Ridge

Dear Editor,

I read with absolute disbelief that the Blotter was being discontinued for the reasons stated by Cpl Peats. I cannot see this as his decision for I know he has put so much effort into an article that he loved and I am certain that he would not give it up without outside pressure. Possibly his superiors succumbed to the whining of someone with a very thin skin. To that person or persons I say ? grow up. If what is said within those columns upset you then you are in for a hard life and those around you will have to walk on egg shells.

The Blotter was not just for Tumbler Ridge, for the goings on in his article could have been from any rural town in Canada. Cpl Peats brought humour and realism to the difficult job of the RCMP. At this time when criticism of the police force is prominent, the Blotter helped not only to alleviate our concerns about policing methods, but also to keep us in touch with reality. I think that the pendulum has swung too far in the effort to always be ?politically correct?. Hopefully those in charge haven?t carried this to a ridiculous point as disciplinary action. Cpl Peats is too good an officer for that.

Larry White

Richmond, BC

To the editor:

re: police blotter.

I went to my computer this morning, clicked on my favorites, to Tumbler Ridge News and on to police blotter. Very much to my disappointment I found that I wouldn?t have the enjoyment of reading this article in the future, as I found it not only informative, but very realistic with a twist of much needed humor.

I have people close to me in police enforcement from Ontario to Honolulu Hawaii and Vancouver. I have heard the personal stories from these officers of the law, some tragic and on another note some humorous.

All I can say is, in a time of need I want and depend on these people to protect myself and my family. Also keep their tongue in cheek humor so when they go home to their families,they don?t take all the stress and sadness with them.

I won?t get into the people that found these articles offensive as I am sure they would find me offensive, because I don?t agree with them ( tongue in cheek).

May I also say I hope the powers to be will take a reality check and I would once again be able to read the police blotter in your newspaper, which as your editor said is read all over from Hawaii to the continent.

To const.Kurt Peats I will very much miss the police blotter, when you retire from the force I see a career in creative writing.

So in the meantime keep it between the ditches and God Bless!!!!!!!

Yours sincerely

Heather Panerio, Richmond b.c.