Tumbler Ridge Police BLOTTER

A big Tumbler Ridge ?Howdy? to all of you. The proper pronunciation for guys is like a cowboy, your voice goes lower at the end. For gals you say ?Howdy? kinda like Minnie Pearl, except you can lose the hat. So, what has the past week been like? Pretty good for most of us except if you were a victim of crime.

We received a call from the Commercial Park area. Sometime overnight a truck had its tire slashed. Now you tell me, how much fun could slashing a tire be? I mean if you want to be a pirate, get a sword, go into the bush and slash away at trees or grizzly bears or something.

Speaking of not very bright moves, did you see the local recycling bins on last Sunday morning. Around 2:45 AM someone had set the paper products inside on fire. The local Fire Dept attended and they huffed, and they puffed and the blew the fire out, but not before a considerable amount of damage was done to the containers. In fact the response time for the Fire Department was fantastic, and they did a great job. Didn?t the mothers of the bad guys ever tell them that if you play with matches you will pee the bed? Well, you will. There. If anyone knows something about this, give me a ring, I would love to deal with this issue sooner rather than later.

We have had a report of a couple of thefts. In one case a bright yellow canoe was stolen from the backyard of a residence. Has anyone seen one of these floating around town? The owner is sunk without it. I mean he is really up the creek without a paddle. You know what I mean.

In a second instance, a new Jonsered chainsaw was stolen from the back of a pickup. This saw is only six months old and is valued at $900. It is red and black in color.

School will be starting on September 07, so that means we will be doing a lot of traffic enforcement. Let me tell you what we will be looking for so that you have fair notice. Just to make it interesting…it?s going to be a quiz, so no cheating, and don?t be looking for the answer at the bottom of the page.

Section 147(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act deals with school zones.

1) How much is the minium fine for speeding in a school zone:

A) $125 B) $86 C) $109 D) $196

2) If you are traveling 21 kilometers or faster, then how much is it going to cost?

A) same as the minium fine. B) way too much C) automatic court appearance

3) If you scare the tar out of a child crossing the road (fail to yield), What?s going to happen?

A) you have to deal with moma, B) you have to deal with moma then the police

C) moma, the police then ICBC D) I get the hint already.

4) If you disobey a school guard, you will likely….

A) get kicked in the shins B) get a ticket for $167 C) have to clean the chalkboard after class.

5) If I ride my bicycle to school without my helmet, then…

A) I?m done, I will be known as a criminal the rest of my days, and have to work menial jobs forever. B) Don?t care cause Mom and Dad will pay the $29 fine.

C) The cops will never catch me cause I?m way too fast for them. D) I?ll cry, act real sad, get a warning and always wear my brain bucket from now on.

Answers: 1)d 2) $253 3) $167 4) b 5) d

That?s it for now, until next week,

Keep it between the ditches

Cpl. Kurt Peats