Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Welcome back to the blotter. This past week we have fought a lot of crime and/or evil, and guess what? The forces of good are prevailing. Let me start of with an item that has had the town a buzz for pretty darn near a week now. Yep, I?m going to report on THE bank robbery out of Chetwynd, and how your little Tumbler Ridge Detachment helped out.

On the 27th of August at 1:30 PM a white male about 35 to 40 years old entered the Scotiabank in downtown Chetwynd. This male produced a handgun and got away with an undisclosed amount of money. Witnesses in the area report that the male fled in a green colored mini van. In the van at the time was a blonde female. Chetwynd Detachment put out an ?all points bulletin? and had all neighboring detachments on the look out. Approximately 30 minutes later, the suspect vehicle was spotted on Highway 29, about 20 kilometers North of Tumbler Ridge. When the Tumbler Ridge officer made a u-turn and activated his emergency equipment, the suspect vehicle accelerated in an attempt to evade apprehension. The suspect vehicle was pursued down Boundary Road, and onto the Heritage Highway. Speeds in excess of 150 kilometers an hour were reached on Boundary Road. The pursuit lasted for 112 kilometers until the police lost sight of the suspect vehicle near the Red Willow Forest Service Road. A perimeter was set up in the area by police from Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Beaver Lodge, Grande Prairie and Tumbler ridge. A helicopter was also called in to help search for the van. The road blocks were maintained for several hours, until it got too dark. The following morning, the Beaver Lodge RCMP received a complaint that a male matching the description of the bank robber from Chetwynd. This male approached two farmers working in a field, produced a handgun and stole their truck. The suspect who stole the truck, was in the presence of a blonde female and another, younger male. All three fled in a stolen red 1996 Ford F250 bearing Alberta license plates URD905. As I write this report, the vehicle still has not been located.

That?s the official part of the report, now let me tell you what the bad guys might expect once they are arrested. And by the way, it?s not a matter of ?if? they will be arrested, it?s just a matter of ?when.? They can expect misery, lots of misery. Because what they did was bad, very bad.

The detachment received the usual calls of overdue travelers/campers in the Monkman Park area. A father-son camp out appeared to be so much fun that they decided to stay an extra day. It?s just that they forgot one small detail, they didn?t tell moma back home. Moma called us, and as we were about to go a looking when they showed up. We?re glad it all turned out well, however moma is madder than a wet hen. Guess what they had for supper when they got home? I?m guessing hot tongue and cold shoulder.

There is no getting around it, autumn is here. As the temperature gets a little cooler, a lot more game begins to travel. We had several reports of vehicles smacking deer on the highway. Cute little Bambi coming through the front windshield at 100 kilometers an hour is not exactly a Walt Disney movie. Just an aside here, do you ever notice the speed that some people travel as they head to Dawson Creek or Grande Prairie? I hope that they have an organ donor card signed, cause I know a few people in need of kidneys, livers and the like. The only people left out are the ones who need a brain cause these speedsters don?t have one. I think it?s time I call my buddies from Dawson Creek Highway Patrol and have a little fun in the sun.

Tumbler Ridge was the site of a vehicle exchange. A stolen vehicle out of Prince George was dumped here, and a local vehicle was stolen. It just so happened that by the time the police were notified of the theft in Tumbler Ridge, our vehicle was in a High Speed Pursuit in Fort Nelson. Two young offenders who had escaped, or put more correctly, walked away from a half way house in Prince George, were taken into custody and charged with lots of stuff. By the time they get out of the crowbar hotel, they will be adults.

This next call that I?m about to tell you really gets my hackles up. A mutilated bear was reported in the ditch near the heavy industrial park by Quintette mine. It appears as though after shooting the bear, someone had cut off the head and paws and just left it roadside. The Conservation Officer was notified and an investigation has been launched.

Speaking of Quintette, they reported that over the past weekend, someone shot a lock off at the upper mesa area. From marks left in the soil, two quads drove around a gate, and surprise, surprise, ran over a spike belt. Two quads with two flats each = serves you right. Now that?ll learn ya.

Until next week,

Keep it between the Ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats