Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Hello all. I?m back from holidays just in time for summer-all two days of it. I left August 1st in the rain. It rained until Mackenzie then turned sunny. Didn?t see a drop of rain until the drive back. Someone tried to tell me that the weather was glorious while I was away. I didn?t believe him for a moment because I had five different species of mushrooms in my back yard saying otherwise. Coming from the Queen Charlottes, I was looking forward to a nice sunny summer in the Peace country. Whatever! (he says with his snottiest Valley Girl voice). I hope my tan doesn?t wash off.

It?s taking a long time to get back into the swing of things. My house is still upside down as they still haven?t finished the flooring. I?ve been waiting two months to finally unpack. I was bitten by a Great Pyrenees dog that was visiting one of the neighbors (does that look infected to you?). If you?re unfamiliar with the breed, picture a Samoyed on steroids. I, my wife and kids were driven out of the house by a dust storm (don?t ask) and had to find accommodation elsewhere for a day or so. I also still need to see a dentist about the tooth I chipped while wrestling drunken clients at Grizfest. The bright spot in all of this is that Lisa and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this week. Time flies when you?re with the woman of your dreams.

Now that I?ve written the usual amount of prattle, it?s time to get down to business.

Sometime on the 22nd , a brand new Polaris Ranger ATV was stolen. It?s a lovely green colour. If you know where it is, give us a call so we can go ride it. Did I tell you that I blew the motor in one of our quads?

On the 26th, some maladjusted, antisocial person broke out one of the front windows on the liquor store. Nothing was taken. Can someone help us out on this one? Maybe the liquor store will offer some of their stock as a reward ? or maybe they won?t.

Let?s talk bears. Our Bear Aware guy, Mark Booden, has been doing a fantastic job educating us on keeping our yards free of bear attractants. Many are not getting with the program. This past week, I saw two moose heads on the lawn of a Bullmoose Cr. residence. Congratulations on the two trophies but it?s just an invitation for the bears. Keeping household garbage out of sight and reach is another big issue. A black bear sow and her cub wandered into town a couple of days ago and instantly developed a taste for garbage. The perfect recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to kill them before a human tragedy occurred. There is no pleasure in destoying two beautiful, healthy animals.

Many other things happened in town this week that came to our attention. Some were happy or funny, many were sad and some were absolutely ridiculous. I?ll let you use your imagination as to what they could all be as I have lost all itnerst in writing anything more. It?s already 5:30 am and I was supposed to be off hours ago. As the overtime budget is already blown, I don?t think Uncle Kurt will be paying me. I feel like the starving artist. Until next time, I?ll leave you with this little bit of wisdom?

Don?t eat broken glass.

I still love you all (except for maybe that dog!)

Cst. Patrick Jenkins