Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

(up to November 19, 2005): Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week its been here in the Ridge. Is anyone else confused, or is it just me? (OK all you amateur comedians, go ahead and take your cheap shots.) Have you seen all those drug commercials on TV? By law, drug companies are allowed to advertise, but they can?t say what their product is actually used for. It took me a year to figure out what Rogain was all about. However, I caught on pretty quick to that little purple pill, especially with that ?Good morning, good morning.? jingle that they played. There is a host of drug advertising that leaves me clueless. Life was so much easier when all you had was a mustard pack and a bottle of whisky. Oh yeah, and a bullet to bite on.

This edition of the Blotter will be dedicated to clarification. As you know, I rarely call the constables by their name, I use nicknames. If you are new to this fine piece of journalism, you might be wondering to whom I?m referring to when I say the ?New Guy.? Seems I?ve been slagging him a lot lately. So take a pair of scissors and cut out this article and put in on the fridge for future reference. This will be a ?Coles Notes? to help you interpret future information.

Cst. David Thorne is the ?New Guy.? He will always be the New Guy. My character foil. He?s very enthusiastic, and this covers a host of mistakes.

Cst. Pat Jenkins is ?Fat Pat from Medicine Hat.? or ?Patty Cake? or ?Princess Patty.? Just depends on my mood. He?s solid. Has blue eyes.

Cst. Wade Harvey is ?Pork Chop.? Since he just got married, he has put on a few pounds. He is good at some forms of martial arts. I can call him Pork Chop, however I?m not responsible for what happens if you call him that.

Cst. Beth Graham is the ?Queen Bee.? Not the Queen ?B? that the Princess Patty wanted. Give her guff, and you?ll find yourself in the same situation as most worker bees.

Cpl. Kurt Peats is…well, is over all, a pretty darn good guy. We?ll just leave it at that.

OK, a few points of clarification. Do you remember that public meeting that was held on September 21, 2005? During the meting we handed out a survey form that asked several questions. Each question was rated using the following scale; needs improvement (NI), Satisfactory (S), No opinion (NO), Good (G), or Excellent (E). I?ll repeat the question and the response from the survey.

1. Overall image of the Tumbler Ridge RCMP. 6% (S), 2% (NO), 70% (G), 22% (E).

2. At being approachable and easy to talk to, I find the Tumbler Ridge RCMP. 3% (NI), 5% (S), 5% (NO), 52% (G), and 35% (E).

3. The attitude of the Tumbler Ridge RCMP member to me and the community. 3% (S), 11% (NO), 46% (G), 40% (E).

4. The RCMP involvement in local activities is 3% (NI), 3% (S), 16% (NO), 53% (G), 25% (E).

5. The manner in which I was treated during contact with the Tumbler ridge RCMP was. 6% (NI), 3% (S), 15% (NO), 44% (G), 32% (E).

6. At times when phoning the Tumbler ridge RCMP Detachment, the Prince George Communications Centre takes the call. I feel service by the Communications Centre is 32% (NI), 16% (S), 24% (NO), 20% (G), 8%(E).

7. For me to feel safe in Tumbler Ridge, the current level of policing is 31% (NI), 17% (S), 49% (G), 3% (E).

8. Overall performance of the RCMP in Tumbler Ridge 3% (NI), 17% (S), 54% (G), 26% (E).

9. The top five concerns expressed by those in attendance. Drugs, Family Violence, Impaired Drivers, thefts, and alcohol.

Just a note, over 100 surveys were handed out, with 37 surveys being completed and returned.

Where do we go from here? In the beginning of January, all crime stats in Tumbler Ridge will be reviewed. In conjunction with the crime stats, the surveys and an additional consultative community meeting, an enforcement plan will assembled for 2006-2007. Two or three priorities will be selected and this will be the area where the police will concentrate on.

A few more quick stats for you: If you live in the Peace Liard region, you are 2 1/2 times more likely to die in a car crash than you would be if lived in the southern part of the province.

To date the police have responded to 1296 calls for service. 37 just this past week.

To date, 66 people have spent some time in our jail cells (more than double last year?s total)

Tumbler Ridge Detachment now has two cell phones. One brand new one, one in a million pieces. (They don?t make them like they used to. Run over them just once, and you?re running to Dawson Creek for another one.)

We?ll Talk again next week the Good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats