(Up to November 26, 2005)

Cpl Peats has been doing the leg work in trying to arrange for the RCMP Musical Ride to come to Tumbler Ridge in 2006. This week the Tour Planner for the Musical Ride was in Tumbler Ridge to take a look at what we have to offer. Hopefully by the end of December, we will have more to report in this regard, so stay tuned.

As the Holiday Season approaches, the Tumbler Ridge RCMP along with Highway Patrol will be conducting increased road blocks. On November 23rd, a roadblock was conducted leading to a number of charges – 2 Drug Seizures, 1 Twenty-four hour license suspension, 2 Logging trucks that were over height and over length, 2 charges for No Trip Inspections completed, 2 charges for No Driver?s License. These charges were in addition to various Speeding, No Seat Belts, Disobey Stop Sign and Drive Contrary to Restrictions charges that were also laid.

Last summer, the RCMP investigated a complaint where two individuals had climbed on top of the Community Centre and threw two cement tiles off the roof, causing damage to the building. As a result of their actions, the individuals attended a Community Justice Forum. Our thanks to the Facilitator and participants in this Forum in their efforts to resolve this unfortunate incident to the satisfaction of the parties involved. We cannot disclose the names, but the following are letters from the individuals that were responsible for the damage.

Dear Residence of Tumbler Ridge,

Some time in summer some friends and I were on top of the Community Center, while we were up there we threw two cement tiles off the roof. I have realized now that what I did was wrong and ill-advised. I am very sorry for the actions and the damage that occurred that night. I apologize to all the citizens of Tumbler Ridge, the Community Center staff, the R.C.M.P., town council, and any other people that had to deal with this matter. For my actions I have received 80 hours of community service and have to pay a damage fee of $116.00. I am entirely sorry about this incident and will promise to never do anything like this again.

Dear Citizens of Tumbler Ridge,

Prior to GrizFest, me and a colleague had damaged the Tumbler Ridge Community Center, therefore making the Community Center spend funds that could have been spent elsewhere. I am currently undertaking my portion of the damages and am participating in the Alternative Justice Program. What I did was wrong and I am sorry to everyone for the unsightly damages to the Recreational Center and money that had to be spent to repair them. I would like to take this time to apologize for what I have done and restate that I am sincerely sorry for what had happened to the Recreational Center.

Thank you.

Cst Beth Graham, Tumbler Ridge Detachment