(Up to February 18, 2006)

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week?s its been here in the Ridge. OK, OK, I know already…..I know: 1) There was no Blotter last week, 2) and the week before that, I only sent half of it, and that half didn?t contain any news. The first mistake I ever made in my life and I had to make it in front of all of you.

Well, maybe it was my second mistake, but the first one was not my fault. It seems the older I get, the more difficult communication seems to get. I was talking with Val, our detachment office manager and told her that I needed to go to Chetwynd for a meeting. Val, in a woman sort of way, asked if my wife, Gwen, knew I was headed to Chetwynd. Instead of just asking in plain language, she asked, ?Gwoing, gwoing, gwoing?? I?ve figured out lots of crime scenes in the past, but this stumped me. So I said, ?Pardon?? To which Val replied, ?Gwoing, gwoing, gwoing?? What the heck was she trying to say? I know that men and women speak different languages, but this was ridiculous. I asked her to repeat one last time, and dutifully she stated, ?Gwoing, gwoing, gwoing??

Do you know what she was trying say? ?Gwen know you?re going?? Say that out loud to your significant other, and see what response you get. Ssshhh. It?s not my hearing, no way, it?s just that everyone speaks quieter these days. Enough Tom foolery, let?s get to work. Since we are a bit late in reporting, I will be going back for a couple of weeks.

The Elementary School was having a bonspiel at the curling rink, and for lunch had some pizza delivered. The pizzas were placed in the foyer and were waiting for the children to get off of the ice. Three young persons walked by, saw the pizzas, and decided that they needed all of them. Once the children got off of the ice, they were none too impressed with the missing food. The culprits who took the food were located and they will be going through the Restorative Justice Program. I?ll update you once the Justice Forum has concluded.

In the last couple of weeks, we?ve had a marked increase in intoxicated people walking around outside wearing no shoes or coats. Several of these individuals have been lodged in cells, and subsequently released to family members who have attended the detachment with some clothing. (That?s an awkward sentence. People usually have clothes on when they attend the detachment. What I meant to say was that the family members brought shoes and clothes for those in cells. Not that the people in cells were naked, just that they needed coats and shoes before we could release them. See what I mean how difficult communication can be?) This type of behavior really concerns me, as these people are only one step away from falling asleep outside and freezing to death.

A complaint was received that several slash piles, close to town, were burning and that there was no one around to monitor the fires. Fire dispatch was contacted and the permit for the fires was reviewed. The permit allowed the burning of slash piles without constant monitoring. This is the usual case when the ground is covered with snow, the fire is not close to the bush, and there is no concern of the fire getting away. In the spring and summer, well, that is a different story.

In conjunction with the Calgary RCMP dog section, a considerable amount of marihuana was intercepted in Calgary that was destined for Tumbler Ridge. The drugs were removed from the package, and the package was allowed to continue on its way. A ?controlled delivery? was set up in Tumbler, and the person who subsequently picked up the package was arrested for trafficking. That person will be heading for court in the near future.

Do you know where the Bald Spot is? (Very funny you bunch of juveniles. Let me guess at your comments, ?Bald Spot? Don?t flatter yourself, it?s not just a spot.? Oh, Hardy har har. I?m serious here.) A report was received that voices could be heard calling for help from that location. Attendance was made and the voices could be heard below the highway. An extensive search and shouting match ensued, but nothing was located. Is anybody missing a husband or wife that you?re not telling me about?

Dang it! Swerve. Thud! Dang it. What?s ICBC?s phone number? Better call the police, that moose is still alive. Dang it. Be careful on Highway 52 as you head to Dawson Creek. Those pesky animals are on the move again. By the way, one vehicle, no injuries, but lots of damage.

A Prince George resident has been charged with supplying liquor to minors. The minors were given a ticket for possessing the liquor and the adult will be attending court to answer to the charges.

A complaint was received from the Sukunka Place area that an individual tried to break into a vehicle. The vehicle has an alarm and that scared off the would-be thief. Please keep an eye out.

Do you remember that dumb exam I wrote a couple of weeks ago? Last year when I finished, I felt really good, but I did awful. This year, you know what? I felt really good again. Doh!

We?ll talk again next week the Good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches,

Cpl. Kurt Peats