Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blotter. Cpl PEATS is away this week, so it looks like I?ll be filling in. I know that news spreads pretty fast around town so most of you probably already know what I?m going to say, but I?ll still say it for those who may not have heard. Due to the overwhelming pressures of running a detachment, Cpl PEATS is taking some time off for mental health reasons. You see, Cpl. PEATS insists that he write all of his reports in ?cyan blue? crayon. Unfortunately the detachment supply of ?cyan blue? is currently out, and as such, Cpl PEATS was forced to write several documents in yellow crayon. Due to the inherant difficultly in reading yellow crayon on white paper, and the fact that the documents now lack his ?special touch?, Cpl PEATS was forced to take some time away on stress leave. Get well soon Kurt.

I?d like to make a correction from last week?s blotter. It was stated that a ?controlled delivery? was set up in Tumbler, and the person who picked up the package was arrested for trafficking, and will be heading to court in the near future. A more accurate version of the events would be that after the controlled delivery was made, two males were arrested for drug related offences. Charges are currently pending against one male. The investigation is ongoing, and more arrests may be made in the future.

While we?re still on the topic of drugs, I?m going to provide a cautionary note. To me, drugs are like a hotdog that you purchase at a carnival or sporting event. They may look familiar, and maybe to some people they?re a little tempting. But the fact is that you just don?t know what?s in them. And once you?re finished eating them, the ?after effects? make you sorely regret your decision (take that as you will). In addition to the negative effects consuming the product, merely the smell of it will attract the attention of certain Constables (I won?t name any names here Cst. HARVEY), who will ravenously pursue you, search you, and take it away from you. All things considered, it?s better just to stick to the popcorn or peanuts.

Recently we?ve received several complaints of people riding up and down the streets on snowmobiles. If you own a snowmobile, please do not ride it on the street. Snowmobiles are not insured, so if you happen to hit something, you won?t be covered. If we see people riding snowmobiles on the street, they will be issued a no insurance ticket for $598.

In other news, we seem to be seizing quite a bit of alcohol and drugs from people sitting inside their vehicles. Remember that if you have access to the keys, and you?re in your vehicle, you have care and control of that vehicle. So if you?re drunk, you could be facing the same charge as impaired driving.

That?s about all for this week. Until next time. Remember Kurt, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Cst Dave THORNE (the ?new guy?)