Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week its been here in the Ridge. OK, OK, I get it already. The Blotter was not published for a couple of weeks and by the comments that I received, you would have thought that the world had ended. So here?s the drill. I was away, but the Blotter was written, however it was sent in the wrong ?format? and could not be read or printed by the receiving computers. Just to show you that I?m a big boy, I?m going to show you what the ?New Guy? wrote about me but was not printed. Here goes…

It looks like Cpl PEATS is going to be away this week so I?ll be filling in for him. In fact, I?m filling in for Cpl PEATS in more ways than just writing the blotter… at this moment, I?m technically in charge of the detachment! That?s right folks, after much hardship and toil, the ?New Guy? has finally seized the reins of power (even if only for a few fleeting days). Although it may sound glamorous, being detachment commander is turning out to be a lot of hard work. Since it?s my first time at the top, I?ve been consulting some of Kurt?s old files and notes for tips on how to keep things flowing smoothly.

It?s incredible how much stuff Cpl PEATS has been through. I stumbled across one old file from the 70?s, back when he was doing plainclothes work. He was a bit more vain in those days, and had attached one of those ?glamour? photographs to the file. It was quite the spectacle, he had a perfectly formed afro (complete with pick), purple star shaped sunglasses, a finely groomed mustache, rhinestone encrusted vest, and painted on bellbottoms. After having a cheap laugh, I tossed aside the photograph and started rooting through the file. The narrative read like one of those slick cop shows, it had intrigue, action, hot cars, fast times, and fast women. The more I read the more captivated I was.

Here?s a taste of the goods: ?… the sweat was shimmering on my brow as I stared intently at the suspect. His eyes, glistening like blue steel, betrayed a fleeting glance to the balcony before again locking with my own. ?Better luck next time Peats?, he scoffed before tossing his pistol aside and making a break for the open balcony…. and that?s when things got smooth….?. Long story short, I discovered that I was not reading a police file, but an unpublished (and largely embellished) autobiography. It didn?t give me any management tips, but offered a fascinating glimpse into Cpl. PEATS? early writing career before the Blotter.

Yuk, Yuk. Very funny New Guy. Just wait till I write the Blotter about the time I explained to him the facts of life. We?ll see who?s laughing then. OK, OK, let?s get to work.

We?ve been getting a ton of calls about people driving quads inappropriately. This ranges from quads driving on the road, to quads driving on private property, to people drinking and then riding their quads. Here?s a note to the wise; follow the rules. A lot of people are becoming severely ticked off with the misuse of quads and dirt bikes. If this behavior keeps up, it won?t be long before these machines are banned within town limits. There are designated trails, and there are prohibited trails. It is up to you to know the difference. I think its time to tow a few quads to get the message across.

In keeping with this theme, I?ve also attached a letter from a person who has just gone through our Restorative Justice program. The person was caught driving their quad on municipal property, and in contravention of several other laws. Please read the letter and discuss its contents with quad riding friends.

With the warmer weather, there seems to be an increase in speed in the traffic around town. Remember that there are plenty of kids that play outside near the streets in town, so please be mindful of this when driving. As you are aware, there is a considerable amount of paving going on in town. Roads will be blocked off so that the entire street can be paved. Please be patient.

The police need your help on this next file. On May 25, 2006 at 9 PM, a single vehicle rollover accident occurred on Highway 52 N. This accident was about 6 kilometers north of town. A person was southbound on the highway heading into town when she met an oncoming semi. A white pickup was passing the semi at the time across a double solid line. The female swerved in order to avoid a head-on collision, and as a result the right side wheels of her truck dropped of the edge of the pavement, pulling her into the ditch. Her vehicle rolled and was totally destroyed. Her pet dog in the box of the pickup was killed.

The Female was knocked out for a considerable period of time and remained in the ditch. She was subsequently reported missing by her family as she was several hours overdue. Her family began a search and located the vehicle with her still in it. She sustained injuries to her arm and required medical assistance.

The police are looking for the white pickup that crossed the double solid line. It is described as white and had a ?headache? rack. That?s it, no further description. No plate, no make nor model, no description of the driver. I?m just thankful that she?s alright. The truck can be replaced. Please, as you head out for summer holidays, drive safe.

I just want to give you a few quick updates regarding the detachment. Do you remember the request where I asked you for feedback on the Blotter? I received just about thirty written responses. 29 were very positive, one was not so much.

Since January 01, 2006 there have been 51 prisoners held in custody. In all of 2005 there 71, in all of 2004 there were 32 and in 2003 there were under 20. The guards have spent nearly 300 hours guarding so far this year with nearly $3,500 in wages. The province pays for this cost, or more correctly, you do.

The budget drives me insane. We are already ?flagged? as heading towards being severely overspent. What really gets me is that we are only two months into the new fiscal year. Gas and overtime are killing us. A few less bad guys would really take the pressure off.

There have been 43 Criminal Code driving reports since January 01, compared to 25 last year. Speeding tickets have increased from 43 at this time last year to 198 so far.

Other items n interest are as follows: Break and enters are down, theft over $5,000 is up. Property damage under $5,000 is up. Shoplifting is down. Motor vehicle accidents have doubled. Stats are stats. I?ll put them in context in a future community meeting.

We?ll talk again next week the good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats

The following is a restorative justice letter received June 01, 2006.

To the citizens of Tumbler Ridge I would like to inform you of what happened on January 14 of this year.

It all started by me having more to drink than I should have, I then proceeded to go on a little quad ride in some places I shouldn?t have been.

I then arrived to the cut line across from the school where I saw the cops and swerved and left.

Then I returned to pick up two of my friends and we headed to my house. To my surprise there stood officers Jenkins and Thorne.

I was then given a breathalyzer and taken downtown where I was was given another breathalyzer and given a $740 ticket and sent home.

Thankfully I was offered two choices; court or the alternative justice system I took the alternative justice program where I now need to complete a drug and alcohol abuse counseling course.

Then I would like to thank everyone involved in the alternative justice program because they gave me a second chance so I would not get a criminal record.

I plan on proving them all right that this was a one time thing and that I truly learnt my lesson.