Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Up to 2006-06-25

Hey everyone, and welcome to the Blotter. Now I know what you?re all thinking, we missed getting the blotter in the paper again last week. Unfortunately we?ve been very busy at the office here, and try as we might, we just couldn?t get to it. Well, actually things were going right along on track until Wade decided he wanted to go for one last patrol before sitting down to write the blotter. So Cst. HARVEY went off out the door while I tied up some loose ends on my files.

Then suddenly the radio went off, ?Dave! Dave! Come quick! You?ve GOT to see this!?. So I went running out the door, and drove as fast as I could to get to Wade, to see what all the excitement was about. I found Cst. HARVEY standing beside the drivers side window of a car that he had pulled over. His eyes were completely glazed over, and he was just stareing in to the back of the car with a look of sheer glee on his face. I walked over to the car, but couldn?t figure out for the life of me what Wade was so excited about until the passenger rolled down the window.

And then it hit me. Ever wonder what winning the lottery would feel like? Well for a police officer, this was it. It was like a freight train of odor heading full steam ahead straight into my nostrils. Needless to say, there was dope in that car, and lots of it. It must have been from the excitement of it all, but for a moment I blacked out. And then all of a sudden I was in a meadow, there was soft 80?s rock playing and I was running (slow motion) towards the large bag of dope that was surely awaiting me in that back seat.

After years of looking, and longing for the day that I would get the big drug seizure along the highway, finally here it was, right in front of me. All those good feelings came to a grinding halt though when I saw Wade dive through the car window, overtop of the driver, and clench his arms around the bag of dope. There was a wild look in his eyes as he exclaimed ?It?s mine! Dibbs! I saw it first! My seizure everyone! This means YOU ?New Guy??.

The sense of loss hurt. I mean it really hurt. Apart from the emotional upheaval it actually made me physically ill. So in the early morning hours last week, Wade ?me first? Harvey was writing up a big drug seizure, while I was at home nursing my heartache while passed out over my toilet. So anyways, that?s why we couldn?t get to the Blotter last week.

Drug seizures isn?t all that we?ve been up to either. On the 23rd of this month, Tumbler Ridge RCMP and South Peace Traffic Services ran a stationary check stop targeting impaired drivers. The Traffic Services boys ended up bagging two impaired drivers that night.

It was a bit of a foot chase to see who could get to the second impaired driver first. Yours truly lost out to one of the traffic members just by the skin of my teeth. I guess I still hadn?t completely recovered from that drug fiasco earlier in the week.

We?ve been recovering quite alot of stolen property recently due to investigation. If you?ve lost a bike or a quad, or know where we can find some (stolen ones), don?t hesitate to give us a call.

Also, there have been a couple lost bicycles turned into the detachment. If you?ve lost your bike, feel free to call to see if it?s been turned it.

Tumbler Ridge RCMP along with some concerned parents located a rather large bush party, with most of the attendees being underage. A vast amount of liquor was seized and destroyed. We received a couple of complaints that we were dumping too much booze, and causing people to waste their money. Remember, if you?re drinking in a public place with minors present (and they?re dipping into your liquor), it?s a surefire bet that we?ll take and destroy all liquor in the vicinity, even if it belongs to someone who?s of age. We also won?t hesitate to issue all of the appropriate fines.

Until next week, stay smooth,

Cst. David THORNE

The New Guy