Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week its been here in the Ridge. As you are aware, the Blotter was MIA for the past couple of editions, and things don?t look too good for the rest of the month of August. I will however give you a quick up date about files that were reported to the police over the past 14 days or so.

At the end of August, 5 youths were caught, red-handed, scratching their names in the bucket that is located in the Res Can parking lot. If you are new to town, this parking lot is located behind the Credit Union. The youths were also throwing rocks against the bucket, and making a general mess of the area. They were marched into the town hall and had to explain their actions to the Mayor. It was decided that the youths would paint the bucket and pick up some garbage. In addition to this, they all wrote letters of apology, and these letters will be printed somewhere in this addition of the paper. The letters were hand written, and they were typed exactly as they were written. See if you can figure it out.

There have been several accidents recently, and a considerable amount of them involve alcohol. Several occupants have been severely injured, including a broken back, broken legs and arms, all sorts of deep cuts and bruises. Highway Patrol from Dawson Creek came out and used their ?new? laser radar. Here are a few examples of what they found. Two motorcycles were clocked at 193 kilometers per hour (KMH). That?s right, one hundred and ninety three kilometers per hour. Many, many vehicles were caught going 160+ KMH. Even a loaded semi was ticketed for traveling at 135 KMH. One of the vehicles that were clocked at over 160 KMH had a driver that had been drinking. The driver blew into the roadside screening device and blew a ?warning.? This meant the driver had his license suspended for 24 hours. The passenger in the vehicle could not drive as he too was impaired. Hook, hook, goes the vehicle. Walk, walk goes the occupants.

In the fall, I will be making an application for a full time traffic officer to be stationed here in Tumbler. This is a two year project, however it?s high time that this request gets underway.

The August Long weekend was busy for the boys. You might have seen an increased police presence in town. If you didn?t notice, chances are you were out of town. Here is a quick recap.

From August 4th 2006 to August 7th, 2006, the Tumbler Ridge RCMP detachment responded to 97 calls for service:

– 9 people had their driver?s license suspended for 24 hours

– 48 traffic tickets were issued

– 4 people were charged with breaching their probation

– 4 noise complaints were received

– 35 people were arrested for public intoxication

– 9 people were arrested for causing a disturbance in public

– 2 people were arrested on outstanding warrants

– 1 person was charged with impaired driving

– 2 people reported that they had been assaulted

– 1 person was charged with assaulting a police officer

– 2 people were charged with mischief

– 8 people had their liquor confiscated

– 41 prisoners spent some time in cells for various infractions

Just a note, the two reports of assault were unfounded. Both individuals were involved in fist fights and lost. If they had won, it would not have been a problem. Although some people did not like the heavy police presence, most people were very happy with it. Further proof that the extra officers curtailed anyone who wanted to cause trouble was the fact that there were no accidents, stabbings, or any other serious criminal matters.

Drug use is becoming more prevalent in Tumbler. Drugs and alcohol always follow good paying jobs. A community approach to this issue will need to be developed. Enforcement is only part of the solution. An integrated approach with the District, the medical and counseling communities will need to be developed.

We?ll talk again soon the Good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats


Letters to the Community

Letter #1

To the citizens of Tumbler Ridge.

On tuesday I was caught at the bucket and I was with people who were throwing rocks.. One of the people where new so she wrote her name. Once petes caught us we had to go to the maoer and say what we did. Then we came to the police station to write this notz. Tommorrow We have to paint the bucket and pick garbage at the skate park. And We will have more punishments two. I think what We did was wrong and stuped. Im sorry that I dameaged the towns property.

Letter #2

To the citizens of tumBilerige

On tuseday I got cot smasing rocks in the Bucket. Because It was scratst up we had to take to the mare.

We had to Paint and pike up graBeg at the skatbord park.

What I did was rong and no I am not going to do it again. sorry For fandilsing or town and it won?t Hapen agine.

Letter # 3

To the citizens of tumbler ridge. On Tusday July 18 I got caught breaking rock on the town bucket. We wrote ar names but I didn?t my name was there for awhileago. Then we had to go to the mayor and state our names and what we did and how it?s wrong. And we had to tell our parents name and what our punishment should be. Now we have to paint the bucket and pick garbange till grizfest. Grizfest is August 5 and 6. Im very sorry. If I had enough money to pay for it I would. I know it is wrong now.

Letter #4

To the citeziens of tumbleridge.

On Tuesday I was cought at the bucket engraving my name ad smashing rock. I had to go in front of the mayor and explaine that I was damaging something that belonged to the town. Because I was damaging the Bucket has a punishment I will be picking garbage around town until grizfest and paint the Bucket. We will also have more punishment to follow. I feel that its fair that I have to pick garbage Because of the cost and damage I did to the town.

Letter #5

To the sitasins of TumblerRidge.

On tuseday I was kote Riting my name in the box. I was xploding rocks in the Box. Paint the Box and tell the mayor wate we did. Pick up garbadg at the Skateboard Park. till grizzfest at agest 5 and 6. I?m very sorry fore the cost I did to this town.