Tumbler RIdge Police Blotter

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter and what a week its been here in the Ridge.

Last week, Tumbler Ridge Detachment responded to 110 complaints. So far this year there have been 1525 complaints registered.

When I review thousands of complaints per year, times twenty years or so, the capacity just is not there to retain much.

I said that to say this, I have come to the conclusion that my brain is full. There simply is no more room for any more stuff.

As a result, when I receive a ?new? piece of information, an ?old? piece of information has to leave.

The problem is, I?m not the one who decides what old piece of information leaves. It could be the name of someone close to me, like for instance my wife Crystal, no, no I mean Jen, oops Gwen. Yeah, that?s it, Gwen. And you know what?

This happens at the most inopportune time. Just a friendly word of advice to all my friends who are approaching that geezer age and stage of their lives.

Make sure you call your wife by the right name. If you?ve had more than one, then there?s probably very little hope that I can offer you.

If you have a problem is the area, try the I-am-a-man.com website. Lots of tips that work.

Speaking of too much stuff to remember, a local resident sold a vehicle to a buyer who was from out-of-town. After the money was exchanged, the buyer drove off.

However, the buyer will have a difficult time trying to register the vehicle because he forgot to get the transfer papers signed.

I can see how that could happen.

This next one is self inflicted. Two guys were staying at camp and decided to enjoy an evening out at the bar.

In the wee, wee hours of the morning they were standing roadside looking lost. In fact there were lost. They had no idea how to get back to their camp.

Their buddy gave them a ride into town and then dumped them. After a game of Charades the officer was finally able to figure out what camp they were talking about.

The guys did make it back to camp.

Property damage is again becoming an issue. The walls at Claude Galabois School were painted.

The road in front of a residence was spray painted and a local show home had damage done to it.

In fact the owner of the show home had some signs knocked down, and some siding torn off the side of the home.

There now is a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

Speaking of property damage, a completely burnt out vehicle was located on Highway 52 N about half way to Dawson Creek.

The truck is a newer Dodge pickup. Because the truck was totally melted, nothing survived.

No license plates, no serial numbers, nada. Did you know that all vehicles have hidden serial numbers? Most vehicles have six hidden locations.

The locations are secret and even the police don?t know where the numbers are located.

ICBC have a Special Investigations Unit that will attend each detachment and will recover the numbers for the police.

Once the numbers are recovered, the investigation can start.

Let?s talk traffic for a while. Can you tell that over 600 tickets have been written in the area since January 01, 2006? Me either.

Just this week, three people have been charged with impaired driving, and several more have had their license suspended for 24 hours.

On a daily basis, reports of erratic driving, speeders, and just plain unsafe operation of vehicles are received by the police.

When you throw dirt bikes, ATVs and soon snowmobiles into the mix, well, there is enough work to keep ten guys busy all day.

On Tuesday October 10 at 2 pm, the police were called to a semi rollover on Highway 29 about 5 kilometers North of town. A loaded logging truck attempted to negotiate a sharp right hand curve. Due to speed, the truck was unable to make it.

The truck rolled onto its left side and slid down the highway for approximately 75 yards before coming to rest in the ditch.

The truck was a 2006 Kenworth and received about $75,000 in damage. The driver was uninjured in the accident, however he was charged with a driving offense under the Motor Vehicle Act.

If you were ?King for a day,? what would you have the police do? I mean if you had the chance to call the shots, what shots would you call?

Well I?m glad you asked.

On Thursday, October 19, 2006 at 7 pm the RCMP will be hosting a community meeting in rooms 4 & 5 of the Community Centre. This is exactly the question that you will be asked. You can help set the direction for the upcoming year. If you have any questions, please feel free to bring them along.

We?ll talk again next week the good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats