Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

McNair is a white male, age 47, US citizen, is wanted by the US Marshals. He was serving three life sentences for murder and burglary and escaped from the U.S. Penitentiary in Pollock, Louisiana. McNAIR was last seen on April 28, 2006 in Penticton, British Columbia

On November 15, 2006 a local resident attended the Tumbler Ridge Detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and reported that McNAIR had been seen in Tumbler Ridge within the past two weeks. The resident stated that he had seen McNAIR?S picture in the September edition of the Reader?s Digest magazine. McNAIR is considered armed and dangerous. Do not approach. If spotted, please call 9-1-1, any detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or your local police department immediately.

In this era of information overload, let me refresh your memory on McNair. While planning his escape from prison in Louisiana, McNair left a very obvious paper trail of national parks located throughout the southern parts of the United States. The intent was to throw the authorities of his trail. In fact McNair was planning on heading to Tweedsmuir Provincial Park located in northwest British Columbia. McNair was involved in a pursuit with a stolen car in Penticton in April of this year, however he managed to escape. There have been unconfirmed reports of McNair in the Flin Flon area of Manitoba, and throughout western Canada. McNair is on the run, and will no doubt do whatever it takes to remain free. McNair does not remain in one place for very long, and is likely to have already left the area. For more information, please check out www.rcmp.ca or www.usmarshals.gov for up-to-date information.

Now that the ?big? story is out of the way, let see what else kept the boys busy this past week.

A male from Chetwynd was arrested on a warrant, and upon notification that he would not ?pass go, nor collect two hundred dollars,? he complained of chest pain. After a trip to the doctor he was certified healthy and able to spend time in the clink. After counting 1,435 bricks in the cell, he was transported to Dawson Creek to appear in front of a judge.

I?m going to fill you in on a secret…it?s winter. I know it?s hard to tell, but I?m serious. When winter arrives it causes all sorts of problems for everyone. The biggest issue that we (both you and I) face is traffic. The number of accidents and near misses that have been reported this week are piling up faster than the snow. From cars sliding through intersections and almost ?T-boning? oncoming traffic to vehicles being run off the road by logging trucks. A person traveling to Tumbler from Chetwynd met an oncoming logging truck that was driving down the middle of the road. The truck did not pull over to allow enough space to pass and as such, the complainant had to hit the ditch in order to avoid a head on collision. A couple of reports of such instances were registered with the police this week. Highway Patrol and the local constabulary will be targeting this type of driving.

Speaking of snow and the problems that it causes, two additional theft calls were received by the detachment. Snow and theft? Yep. A 2005 black Yamaha RX1 snowmobile was stolen from behind an RV located at the Monkman RV Park (CONT PAGE 7.http://www.RCMP.ca The sled is valued at $10,000 and the serial number has been entered on the police computers. If anyone knows where this snowmobile might be, please give me a call and I will ensure that you are rewarded handsomely.

The second instance of snow and theft deals with a shovel, some salt and a pickup. Some individuals driving the pickup hit a snow bank in front of the complainant?s house. They walked up to the house and took a shovel and a bag of salt without asking. After digging themselves out, they threw the items in the back of the truck and drove off to their house. When the police arrived to speak to the owner of the pick up, the owner and his companions were all intoxicated and would not state who was driving. The police returned the items to the rightful owner, and the matter is being looked into further to see if charges can be laid.

One more mail scam to report. A person reported that he received a letter from Spain and the letter reports that the complainant?s next of kin were all killed in an accident. The letter goes on to state that the next of kin left 77.7 million US dollars in an a ?safety deposit vault.? All the complainant had to do was send a small fee over seas to get the money released. Scam, scam, scam. Remember, if you get duped in this kind of thing, there is nothing that the police can do about it.

While on patrol, an officer noted a vehicle stuck in a snowbank. The officer decided to check on the situation and check on the sobriety of the driver. As the officer made a u-turn and activated the red and blues, the driver dropped his shovel and ran away down the street, ducking through people?s back yards. The only problem was that he left his girlfriend, dog and vehicle behind. Well, the vehicle was impounded, and so was the dog. The girlfriend will be ?assisting the police in this investigation.? A host of charges will be laid in the near future.

We?ll talk again next week the Good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats