Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

(up to January 13, 2007)

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week its been here in the Ridge. So there I was working in the office the other day when I heard this tap, tap, tapping at my door. I looked up and there stood the New Guy with some kind of electronic gizmo in his hand. I could immediately tell that he was enthralled with this piece of wizardry. ?Whaddaya got there?? I asked. ?Oh, it?s the greatest thing EVER! It?s a satellite radio that I got for Christmas. It has over 200 channels and do you know what my favorite channel is?? ?The Mickey Mouse channel?? I zinged. ?No, no, guess again.? said the guy who didn?t get the zinger. ?I have no clue, why don?t you just stop torturing me and tell me?? I said. At this point he ran his fingers through his hair, curled his lip and said, ?Thank you, thank you very much.?

?Ok, so you?re hooked on the Elvis station.? ?All Elvis, all the time.? he replied. ?But I don?t understand some of his lyrics. Elvis was singing this song that goes something like this….? And then he started into a rendition of ?I saw you crying in the chapel.? And when he was done, he said ?Doesn?t that make you want to cry?? ?You don?t the half of it.? I said choking back the tears. ?But the thing I don?t get,? He reported, ?is what?s a ch-a-a-a-apple?? ?You?ve been singing that song for how long? And you still don?t know?? ?No clue? He replied. Not being surprised at the answer, I said, ? It?s a Mexican restaurant.? The New Guy seemed satisfied with that answer and immediately went to his desk where he phoned his mother and sang her the newly understood rendition, but this time with a lot more emotion. Let me tell you, the cost of that long distance call was worth every penny.

OK, OK, let?s get to work and see what happened in this fair hamlet. From a cursory look at the files, there was a lot of lovin?, cryin?, and leavin? going on this past week. But due to privacy legislation, unfortunantely I can?t tell you the half of it…but here?s what I can tell you.

There was a single vehicle accident on the Wolverine Forest Service Road. A pickup sustained over $5,000 in damages, however there were no injuries. Speaking of accidents, there were surprisingly few this week, especially when you consider all of the blizzard conditions. There is one sad item to report. Marvin is dead. He was that moose who hung around about 60 kilometers north of Tumbler. Marvin was there for most of the winter, and I thought that he knew to check both ways before he crossed the street. Oh well, the car was crumpled and no humans were hurt.

Do you own your own business? Do you have employees who use a company credit card? Let me tell you a tale that will make your blood run cold. No doubt, you will pass it on from generation to generation. A local company hired a fellow and on his first day on the job made a whole swack of unauthorized purchases on the company card. When the purchases were found out, the guy was fired and a call was made to the police. Can the guy be charged? Is there something in 849 sections of the Criminal Code that covers this sort of thing? Yes, but mostly no. When an employee is authorized to use a company card and when he ?mismanages? the card, there is nothing that can be done criminally. The only course of action is to fire the employee and to seek restitution via the civil courts (ie. sue the bum.) There are criminal laws to deal with the use of stolen cards and such, but these criminal laws do not address the issue of disagreements over what an employee can purchase or not. If you own a company that has employees who use the company card, you need to be very specific as to what they can purchase with the card.

If you break the law for ?honorable? reasons, can you still be charged? You be the judge and decide what the appropriate course of action in this next file should be. A guy and a bunch of friends go out drinking. One guy is appointed as a designated driver and the others are appointed as designated drunks. On their way home, a nice policeman stops them. The designated driver does not have a valid driver?s license and in fact has been charged in the past for driving without a license. The driver has come to the attention of ICBC and they have ?flagged? him as a vehicle impound candidate. This means that if he gets caught driving again without a license, that his vehicle is automatically impounded for 30 days. Now that he?s caught again, should the police impound the vehicle? Absolutely. Why? Because he is in violation of several sections of the law, he is violating the basic insurance policy and if he crashes, he is not covered by ICBC. If he crashes into you, you will have to make a claim using the ?under-insured motorist protection? clause. ICBC will then attempt to recover all cost from the unlicensed driver. The vehicle was impounded for 30 days and additional charges were laid.

What comes from North Battleford? Impaired drivers. Relax guys, it?s just a joke. Thieves, murders, prostitutes and a whole host of other bad guys come from there as well. Again, just jokes, except for the impaired part. A guy was stopped, produced a driver?s license with a North Battleford address and was charged with impaired driving. Oh yeah, he was also intoxicated at the time. Do not pass Lloydminster, do not collect $200, go to jail. The court date will be in the near future.

We?ll talk again next week the Good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats