Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week its been here in the Ridge. Chickens! Youre all a bunch of chickens! At least Im pretty sure you are…..let me explain. Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided that it was high time that I went ?fishing.? I jumped into the police car and headed north on the highway. Within a couple of minutes, I had my first ?bite.? This bite was no nibble, no siree, it was Moby Dick. 155 kilometers per hour in a 90 zone. ?Man alive? I thought to myself, ?This was going to be a great day.? You know, there are some fish that you just dont throw back. So after giving the driver a coupon, I continued on my way.

I crested a hill, and there was the next guy. The problem was he was only going 75 kilometers an hour in a 90 kilometer an hour zone. ?Chicken.? I muttered under my breath. ?If you were a man, youd at least be going the speed limit when meeting a police car? I heckled. Less than a minute later, another vehicle entered my sights. 82 in a 90? ?What the heck?? And behind him, another guy going 74 in a 90. As we passed on the highway, I looked at him, and he was looking at me, making little circles in the air with his index finger. Was he telling me I was crazy? I soon found myself in the middle of nowhere, ?Surely no one will expect a police car here.? I thought. You guessed it, the next car was going 62 in a 90! It was at this point that I looked down at all of the buttons in the car. After I stopped the first guy, I forgot to shut off the emergency lights. So there I was, in the middle of the wilderness, leading a parade (with no one following), with the lights a-flashing. Talk about a rookie mistake. So please, dont tell the New Guy, otherwise I?ll never be able to live this down.

Ok, Ok, lets get to work and see what?s shaking.

With the days getting longer, can?t you just feel the heat in the sun? In fact its this heat that will be a concern soon. The Provincial Emergency Program (pep.bc.ca) is predicting a wild ride this spring and summer. With the amount of snow that has fallen, flooding is to be expected this spring. Following the floods, the long term forecast is for a very hot and dry summer. In fact forest fires are a very real threat in this area. Do you remember the lessons learned last summer? Now would be the time to do a little planning. The PEP website is chalk-a-block full of helpful hints. Flooding, fires, famine, pestilence, and earth quakes, its all there.

Texas: Giving the blind a shot at hunting

In the state where U.S. Vice-president Dick Cheney accidentally shot a friend in the face while hunting, state representative Ed Kuemple sees no reason why the blind can?t be allowed to hunt with guns. He?s sponsoring a bill that would permit the sightless to plug away at game. ?This opens up the fun of hunting to additional people, and I think that?s great,? Kuemple says. The bill is expected to encounter little opposition. Macleans Magazine, January 01, 2007 edition. Hoo boy, won?t that be a whole lot of fun.

Wanted: A Few Good Men or Women

Tumbler Ridge Detachment is looking at starting an Auxiliary Constable Program.

What is the purpose of the Auxiliary Program?

To strengthen community and police partnerships by providing an opportunity for citizen volunteers to perform authorized activities in support of strategies to address the causes of, or reduce the fear of crime and disorder.

What kind of training does an Auxiliary Constable receive?

Auxiliary Constables are required to successfully complete an extensive 140 hours (approximate) of physical and theory-based training, covering subjects on law, powers of arrest, Criminal Code of Canada, Provincial Statutes, courtroom procedure, traffic control, evidence protection, domestic disturbances, handcuffing techniques and arrest techniques, self-defence, baton and pepper spray training, and community presentations. Two exams are required, midterm and a final examination, in which applicants are required to score a minimum of 70%.

The majority of the training will take place in Dawson Creek, however there will be several local sessions. If you want to give it a shot, so to speak, please contact the detachment at (250)242-5252. If there is enough interest (about three people), we will set up an information meeting and answer any of the questions you might have. Let me answer a few FAQs.

Q1) If I join, do I get a uniform?

A1) Yes. The uniform is very similar to that worn by Regular members.

Q2) At the end of training do I get a badge?

A2) Yes. You will also be legally designated as a police officer. This means that you have legislated authority to enforce the law, however you will be supervised very closely.

Q3) Can I shoot someone?

A3) Only with spit balls.

This program is a great way to serve the community. It is also a stepping stone that has been used by countless people to get a full time job with the RCMP.

I have two additional reports that I would like to make, but I?m out of space. I?ll report on these next week.

Keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats