Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Hello Neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week its been here in the Ridge. When you hear the word ?fanatic? what is the first thought that comes to your mind? That bunch in the Middle East? That bunch in Ottawa? Or how about those sports fans who totally paint themselves before attending a game? For me, I think of those people involved in documenting their family history. They are a strange bunch. They huddle over old government records, they walk through cemeteries, and they call people that they don?t even know and ask for a picture. Then they publish a book for the whole world to read.

My roots are in the prairies, and, I have to admit, some of the family stories are interesting. For instance, I have a long lost relative who died and left his entire estate to his beloved widow, but she couldn?t touch it til she?s 14.

Then on my wife?s side, there?s that family story where great Uncle Jed spent the night in the Moose Jaw jail. He was staying in a fancy hotel and he called down to the front desk and said, ?I gotta a leak in my sink.? and the front desk clerk replied, ?Go ahead.?

I do have a rich uncle in Saskatchewan and I think I might be in line for a few bucks. He just won a three million dollar lottery, and gets a dollar a year for the next three million years.

My relatives love reruns of Hee Haw. They call them documentaries.

Speaking of cousin Clem, he was a town cop in one of those small Prairie towns, except he couldn?t take a joke, and soon quit. Every time he pulled over a vehicle, he would ask, ?Do you have any ID?? and the locals would reply, ??Bout what??

And finally, there?s that funny story of Grandpa and Grandma. While attending a church service, Ma turns to Pa and says ?I just blew I silent fart. What should I do?? Pa says ?Replace the batteries in your hearing aid.?

Nuk, nuk, nuk. Okay, let?s get to work and see what happened in this fair hamlet.

We have received a report of a possible fraud. This one was soooo blatant that it just might work. A phone call is received where the caller asks if you have the lowest interest rate possible on your credit card. They offer you all sorts interest rates and all you need to do is to give them your credit card number to ?verify? your information. Please don?t do that. Call phone busters, or go to www.phonebuster.com and report these people. This is a great website as it shows people how to recognize, report and stop fraud. Take a minute to look this up.

Is anyone missing a cell phone? We have one here. There is a two step process for getting it back. First, you have to identify it. After identifying it, you have to sing ?I?m a little teapot? with all of the actions, and congratulations you have your phone back.

The RCMP is looking at hiring a significant amount of officers over the next few years. If you are interested in becoming an RCMP officer, have I got a deal for you. On April 24, at 7 PM the recruiting team from Prince George will be in Tumbler Ridge to conduct an information session. The meeting will be in the Community Center, and will cover everything that you ever wanted to know about the requirements and the process of becoming an RCMP officer. But here?s the best part. They are coming back on May 29 and will offer anyone interested in writing the entrance exam the opportunity to do it locally. The local detachment is working closely with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure that this initiative will be successful. If you are from Chetwynd, Hudson?s Hope, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John or points in between, you are welcome to attend the meetings. Having said that, here is my contribution to the mix. After the information session, I will host a study session or two before the exam. We will talk about the exam, the type of questions that you can expect, and we will try a few mock questions. If this might be the career for you, call me at (250) 242-5252 and we?ll start the ball rolling.

Don?t forget, April 05, 2007 at 10 AM is the next court session. As always, it will be held in room 5 of the Community Center and it is open to the public. If you want to be informed of what is going on in town, this is a perfect opportunity for you.

We?ll talk again next week the good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats