Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week its been here in the Ridge. There are times when I wish I were anonymous. For example, when I go to get the mail, a job that should take five minutes, it usually takes about an hour. I meet people on the street and soon we are engrossed in a conversation attempting to solve the problems of the world. On a day off when I go to get milk, same story. Just once I would like to go some place and NOT talk about police stuff, or be the one to take action when things go off the rails.

So I decided that I was going to play a round of golf in Dawson Creek, just to ?get away from it all.? I was playing behind a couple of guys who were laughing and joking and they seemed to be having a jolly good time. At the fourth hole, we all got hung up behind a couple of gals. The two golfing buddies became impatient with the slow play of the women players so he said to his buddy, ?I?ll go on up and ask them to speed up or let us play through.? He took the cart and proceeded toward the green, but turned around after only getting half way there. When he got back he sheepishly told his buddy that couldn?t let them see him since one of them was his wife and the other was his mistress. ?Well heck,? said the other player, ?I?ll go.? He jumped in the cart but also turned around after getting only half way there. When he got back he said, ?Small world.? So much for that day off.

OK, OK, let?s get to work and see what?s shaken in this fair hamlet. The police responded to 36 calls for service this past week. Domestic disputes, impaired drivers, several arrest warrants were executed and the usual fare of intoxicated people causing grief were the order of the day.

The police were called to a violent domestic dispute where a male pointed a rifle at the head of his common-law wife. The wife was able to get away and subsequently called the police. Both parties were not particularly helpful to the police, and the male subsequently refused to come out of his residence. After some telephone negotiations the male did come out of the residence and was taken into custody. A search of the residence located a rifle with a large magazine that held thirty rounds of ammunition. Also located in the residence was a marihuana grow operation. From the evidence, the grow op had been there for some time, and the ?operators? were well schooled in the art of growing dope. The plants had been harvested within the preceding day, and all of the marihuana had already been transported elsewhere. The male was charged with threats, assault and several firearms offenses. The grow op was dismantled and is still under investigation.

A 9-1-1 hangup is one of the most dangerous calls that an officer will ever attend. Although there has been several misdials in the past, or instances where children were calling 9-1-1 just to ?try it? there now has been a series of calls where people were seeking help but were unable to talk. A 9-1-1 call was received from a residence, however as soon as the dispatcher answered the phone, the line went dead. When the dispatcher called back, a male answered the phone and stated that there were no problems in the residence. The dispatcher could hear a female swearing and screaming in the background, however the male would not let the female speak on the phone. Officers attended the residence and found a domestic dispute in progress. The matter was resolved, and everything was under control when the officers left. This type of call happened at an additional two other residences this past week.

There is a whole field of science that deals with the physiological effects of alcohol and drugs. When people consume alcohol, it impairs their reaction time, depth perception and the like. When people drink, what is the first that they lose? Count. That?s right, people loose count of how much they?ve had to drink. When an officer asks and impaired driver how much they have had to drink, the officer usually get the proverbial response, ?two beers.? An officer pulled over a local male this week for suspected impaired driving, and guess how much the driver told the officer on how much he had to drink? Wrong! The driver stated that he had three beers. Well, this revelation caught the officer off guard, but the officer soon recovered and the male was brought back to the detachment for a breath sample. The male provided breath samples which were over the legal limit. The male has been charged with impaired driving, driver over .08 and will be attending court in the near future to answer to these charges.

Do you know where ?Pot Hill? is? This hill is opposite to the skateboard park, on the north side of Northgate. This location was given the name because of what usually happens there on weekends. This is a popular spot with a few of the younger citizens, and as usual, nothing ever good happens there. On Friday, rumors abounded that two high school girls that were going to have a fight there after school. Patrols were made, and big surprise, the fight never materialized. What a disappointment it is to think that people still feel that physical violence is a way to resolve problems. This type of incident is taken very seriously by both the police and the school administration, especially in the light of the recent events in schools throughout Canada and the States. ?School fights? are no longer handled by way of a school suspension. Fights are a criminal offense, and will be dealt with via the criminal justice system. Fights are very upsetting and cause a huge interruption at schools. Not only to they disrupt the orderly operation of the schools, they also put other students? safety at risk. There is absolutely zero tolerance for this type of behavior at schools. You can bet on this.

Well, that?s about it for this edition. We?ll talk again next week the Good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats