Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

(up to June 01, 2007).

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week it?s been here in the Ridge. By the time you read this, the New Guy will have packed up his belongings and will be heading off to the big city. The New Guy was born and raised near Toronto, and as such has always been a city boy. Since he only spent three years here in Tumbler, I thought that I would give him an education before he left. I grew up on a farm, and university I took Zoo, so I?m kinda familiar with animals. So I devised a crash course for the New Guy and I called it, ?Farm 101.?

I decided to start with an easy question, with each subsequent question getting progressively harder, that way the New Guy would gain a little bit of confidence and would be willing to continue. ?Okay New Guy, why do cows have bells?? Apparently, this question was harder than I thought, ?cause the New Guy didn?t have a clue. ?Cows have bells because their horns don?t work!? I said, as I began the class. Since that one didn?t go as planned, I thought that I would stay on the city-folk level of farm knowledge. ?What is the difference between a cow and a heifer?? I queried. The New Guy blushed a bit, shifted his weight from foot to foot, stared at the floor and was a bit hesitant to answer the question. ?You can do it,? I encouraged. ?I think,? the New Guy Stuttered, ?I think that a heifer is a virgin and a cow is not.? ?Close enough for me.? I said. Why spoil the mood now? Since it still wasn?t going as smoothly as I had thought, I really dumbed down the last question. ?Farmer Bob gets up at 6 a.m. each morning. He has four hens who each lay three eggs a day. When Farmer Bob milks the bull, how much milk does he get?? ?I bet you?re trying to trick me!? Said the New Guy who was catching onto the game. ?You?re always trying to make me look dumb in front of all those people. Just for clarification, I have a question of my own. What color was the bull?? ?Brown of course.? I said surprisingly fast. ?Ha!? Said the New Guy. ?A brown bull does not give plain old milk… it gives chocolate milk,? he said triumphantly. ?Well done, you got me there New Guy. Just make sure that when you go to Surrey, you share your farm knowledge with the locals.? And with that, I gave the New Guy a hug and watched as his little blue car faded out of sight. We?ll miss you New Guy.

I just finished wiping a tear from my eye, and now I?m ready to proceed. The Blotter has been missing for the past two editions, so I?m going to update you on a couple of weeks worth of fun in the sun.

Tumbler Ridge RCMP detachment responded to over 70 calls during the past two weeks. Most of the calls are of the ?summer? variety, which usually involves alcohol, vehicles of one sort or another, and generally poor decision-making abilities.

Tumbler Ridge detachment assisted Chetwynd detachment in ending a high-speed pursuit. An intoxicated female from Chetwynd failed to stop for the police at Chetwynd, and they subsequently engaged in a pursuit that ended on Highway 29 near Tumbler Ridge. The female was taken into custody, charged with impaired driving and a whole host of other criminal and traffic offenses. Score: Good Guys 1, Bad Guys, 0.

At a local licensed establishment, a brawl broke out at closing time. The officers attended and began to gather ?exhibits.? Most of the ?exhibits? had a rather large mouth, and were not particularly cooperative. The back seats of the police cars were full, at which point an officer released one of the less drunk ?exhibits? and allow this person to walk home. Upon release, this person walk over to the next officer and told the officer that he was going to run him over the next time he saw the officer off duty. Well, the backseat of the police car was like grandma?s featherbed, always room for one more. And by the way, when the male was re-arrested, he had a pocket full of marijuana.

Later on that night, and impaired driver was located in the downtown core of Tumbler Ridge. While the officers were the process of arresting the driver, the passengers in a vehicle decided that they were going to ?save? the driver from being arrested. Grandma?s featherbed came out again, and everybody was arrested and given a place to sleep for the night. The driver was charged with impaired driving, and the passengers were charged with obstructing a police officer in the performance of his duties. All are to attend court in the near future.

Several youths over the past two weeks have had their liquor seized. Most of youths were given warnings, however it?s time to have strict enforcement of this behavior. Information is power, you know have the zero tolerance information.

Not all things are doom and gloom. Are you ready for a happy story? A kindhearted, gentle, honest, upstanding, very nice person attended the RCMP detachment with a wallet that they had just found. In the wallet were traveler?s checks, cash, credit cards, and all sorts of ID. The wallet was returned to the owner, who was very thankful. To the finder of the wallet, bouquets to you.

The RCMP have responded to several domestic disputes over the past two weeks. The disputes range from verbal arguments, to marital breakups. The following is for your information. When the police attend domestic disputes, they do so to ensure no criminal action has taken place, and to ensure everyone?s physical safety. The police do not decide who gets to stay in the residence, who gets the kids, who gets the car, who was right or wrong, or any of host of other questions that get posed each and every time. The division of property, visitation rights and who keeps the debt are all decided by lawyers and family courts. Even if you talk really, really nice, we are unable to make these determinations for you. Thank you.

The RCMP have received several re-occurring complaints from several apartment buildings in town. The complaints deal with occupants in their apartments, who smoke marijuana, and the smoke drifts into the building and into neighboring units. Frustrating? Absolutely, both for the residents and for the police. So here?s the drill, whenever you are the victim of this type of behavior, call the police. The way that the law is presently written, it is very difficult if not impossible to get a search warrant for the apartment. However, report this to the police, that way there is a record of what happened, and then you are free to take this to the landlord or the strata council and ensure that further action is taken against the pot smokers. You have my full support. This pot smoking behavior is illegal, inappropriate, and very unhealthy to everyone in the buiding.

Well, I didn?t get this far as I thought I would this week, and I?m already out of space. We?ll talk again next week, the good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches.

Corporal Kurt Peats