Tumbler Ridge Police Blotter

Up to July 7, 2007

Hello neighbor and welcome back to the Blotter, and what a week its been here in the Ridge. Two weeks ago I attended in the Hudsons Hope rodeo to ?help out.? So there I was in the beer garden making some patrols and talking to a few cowboys that had snoose running down both sides of their chin. One cowboy said, ?Hey, how come you aint out there ridin a horse and showing off?? ?Well? I said, ?I forgot my horse back at Tumbler.? I then told him that I really wanted to participate but without a horse that was not much I could do. Just then, an announcement came over the PA system. They were looking for teams of three to take part in the calf tying competition. At that moment the cowboy looked at me, increased the volume of spittle running down his chin, and just winked.

I knew that I was done, so I ?convinced? two other officers to take part in this event. Since none of us had ever participated in this calf tying event, they told us that the rules would be explained when we were in the arena. However, as soon as we arrived in the arena, the horn went off and the calves were released. Teams began running all around the arena and we is a had to figure out the rules on the fly. Apparently the object of this game was to catch a calf and tie up its legs. Sounds easy, doesnt it? Well, the Keystone cops were off in all directions, and eventually we did catch a calf. The rule went on to say the calf had to remain tied for six seconds. We tied the calf, and three seconds later, it was up and walking. The crowd laughed at this thinking it was a good joke. Since the Mounties always get their man (calf), we caught that little beggar again, and tie him up real good. Sure enough, three seconds later the calf shook off the ropes and walked away. Well, at this point the crowd was hysterical, and was shouting all sorts of advice. I?m sure we were set up. I subsquently named our calf ?Houdini.? It was not all bad though, as we came in third place. The only problem was that there was only three teams. Next year, we won?t use ropes, we?ll tie up our calf with our handcuffs.

Okay, okay lets get to work and see what happened in this fair hamlet. The RCMP responded to 60 calls this past week. Lots of noise complaints, lots of booze, a few car accidents, and more noise complaints.

We talked last week about the amount of empty booze containers and garbage left at the skate park. There has been six liquor seizures, one seizure of marijuana, and one criminal charge laid at the skate park this past week. One individual has been banned from the park until October. Slowly but surely it is getting better, however, the police will continue to close down the park each night when liquor infractions are found.

The police were notified of a motor vehicle accident near the old Bull Moose mine site. An intoxicated employee ?borrowed? a company vehicle after work to go for a ride. It was all a lot of fun, until the road went right and the truck went left. The truck and ended up totally submerged in a settling pond on the Bull Moose mine site. Say bye-bye to the truck, and say bye-bye to the job.

In the wee hours of the morning, a youth, whose only description was ?wearing white runners? was seen in a Jeep on the lower bench. The Jeep was pushed out of the driveway and left on the road. The owner advised that the vehicle was left unlocked, and that the keys are on the console. The owner has his vehicle back and the keys are now stored securely.

At 3 a.m., a young male was located pushing a shopping cart on Pioneer Loop. In the shopping cart was a brand-new barbecue still in the box. The young male dumped the barbecue and ran away. If anyone is missing a brand-new barbecue still in the box, please contact local detachment.

An intoxicated female was located at bar closing trying to pick fights with everybody as they left. The officers attended at which point the female decided to pick a fight with them. Guess who lost? When the female was released in the morning, she kept up her same behavior, and had to be physically thrown out of the RCMP detachment.

Several youths or charge with various offenses for riding dirt bikes and ATVs in areas where they were not allowed.

The last issue that I want to deal with centers around youth who travel in groups at all hours of the night. Usually, they are consuming beer, causing a disturbance and are very noisy. We have received calls about this type of behavior anytime from 1 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. The youths are usually under the age of 17. This message is directed at parents. Nothing ever good happens after midnight. Nothing. I have directed the officers to ensure that a zero tolerance approach is taken for any infractions. Charges under the noise bylaw will be laid, charges under the Liquor Control Act will be laid, and even charges of Causing is a Disturbance under the Criminal Code will be laid. If parents refuse to put their children on curfews, the courts will. It s not a problem to walk around, but there is a problem when other people are disturbed. Please be sure to set appropriate limits for your children this summer. Thanks for the help.

Well talk again next week, the Good Lord willing.

Keep it between the ditches.

Corporal Kurt Peats