I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the fine citizens of Tumbler Ridge. My name is Kurt Peats, and yes, I am the ?new guy? in town. My family and I have recently moved back to beautiful BC from the flat lands, aka Regina, Saskatchewan. I have been at the Job now for about a month, and thought that I would try and write a weekly column for the paper. Since it?s your tax dollars that pays my wage, I thought that I would let you know a little of what?s going on in town. This inaugural column will cover the span of a couple weeks, but at least its better late than never.

Over the past five weeks, the detachment has responded to 243 calls for service. A call for service can be anything from a barking dog to a murder. When a call for service is received, a file is made and the RCMP take various types of action. I will fill you in on a few of the more important ones, however I will not tell you the name of any barking dog. Here goes……

Do you remember that plane that was found about 73 kms South of Town? It turns out that the plane had crashed on May 02, 1965. It was subsequently found in September of that same year. At that time, there was a single person on board who was flying from Grande Prairie to Prince George. A complete investigation was conducted at the time, and the engine, propellor and human remains were removed for investigation. When the plane was ?found? for a second time, no call sign was obtained. The RCMP helicopter flew to Tumbler Ridge and Transported local Mounties, the Coroner and an investigator from the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) to the crash site. From the scene, the TSB investigator used a satellite phone and called in the registration of the plane. TSB still had the plane listed on their computer system as missing. It was only after an TSB archive search, that they realized that the plane had been located about 39 years ago. But now the rest of the story…The helicopter departed Tumbler Ridge on Friday July 23 and flew to Prince George. As the helicopter was flying, Tumbler Ridge received a call of another crash site located about five nautical miles from the first reported area. The person who found the second crash site was the same person who found the first one. It was reported that of a large shiny piece of aluminum was embedded into a glacier. This was observed as the person flew over the area approximately 2000 feet above the ice. The helicopter was called back from Prince George and a second search was conducted on Saturday July 24. Turns out the shiny piece of aluminum was a flat sheet of ice reflecting the sun off of the glacier.

Do you remember Grizz Fest? Let me tell you, not only do we remember it, we are still writing about it! During that weekend, Tumbler Ridge Detachment received the help of five additional officers. Three officers came in from Fort St. John and two arrived from Dawson Creek. Over the weekend, Friday July 30 to Sunday August 1, here is a brief synopsis of what transpired:

Impaired Driving Charges – 3

Criminal Code Charges – 2

24 hour Driving Suspensions – 2

Vehicles impounded – 1

Number of Motor Vehicle Act Charges – 12

Number of Liquor Control and Licensing Act charges – 2

Number of written Warnings – 22

Liquor seizures – 17

Number of intoxicated persons spending the night at the crowbar hotel – 4

Calls for service over the two days – 19.

It is a pleasure to report that no serious incident occurred, and that no one was hurt over the weekend.

I would also like to thank all of you who made my transition into the community very smooth. My family and I love the area and hope that we will be here for a long time to come. By the way, I would also like to use this column to answer a few questions that are near and dear to your hearts. If there is something (police related) hat you would like clarified, please feel free to ask. I will be writing a few columns of the powers of police to search and seize liquor, drugs, guns, and all sorts of evidence. I will answer a few questions on driving, the law as it pertains to bicycles, and what can be done with repeat offenders, whether they are criminal in nature, or violate any provincial statutes. No doubt, there are other people who have the same question(s). I am confident that I can answer most any type of police questions, but if you ask me about money or love, chances are you?ll wind up broke and lonesome.

You have an open invitation to come by the office and meet me. As my brother said, ?Tell them to come in and meet you before you meet them.?

Keep it between the ditches.

Cpl. Kurt Peats