Tumbler Ridge Police Victim Services

March has been proclaimed Social Service Awareness month in Tumbler Ridge. One of the programs that provides services to the community is Police Victim Services. Here is some information about the Police Victim Services program.

There are currently 92 police based Victim Services programs operating out of BC?s RCMP and municipal police departments. In these programs dedicated staff, sometimes supported by highly trained, security cleared volunteers from their community, work directly with police to provide emotional support, information and referrals to victims of all kinds of crime and trauma.

Information and Practical Assistance

Staff/volunteers can provide information on the status of a police investigation, the justice system, and crime prevention. They can also assist with filling out Crime Victim Assistance Forms and Victim Impact Statements.

Emotional Support

Staff/volunteers provide emotional support in person and over the phone to victims, witnesses and their family members. Although they do not provide counselling, they can make appropriate referrals to counselling services in the community if required.

Court Support Programs can provide information on the role of the various players in the justice system, the practicalities of testifying as a witness, and updates on court appearances.

In the case of Tumbler Ridge, and possibly other small communities, Victim Services often fills a gap in services that are normally found in larger centers, but not necessarily in smaller centers, which are not police related. This is an invaluable service and although not part of the Victim Services mandate, might be the last line of service to those in dire need.

For further information please contact the program coordinator at the Tumbler Ridge RCMP office 250-242-5252.