Tumbler Ridge proposed skate park

The most important and probably the hardest questions to answer are the costs. They have been a moving target from the beginning of the project. It is much easier to report our outlay to date. The first expenditure of $7,500 was for the designer?s initial visit and consultation, the conceptual design, review, re-design and finally the drawings. Of this amount, TR2B3 paid $1,460.00 and the remaining amount was paid by the District. The sight survey was done for free and the geotechnical analysis of the area was already on file at the District, saving approximately $2000.00.

The second major expense was the contractor?s drawings which had been quoted at $8,500.00 by Van der Zalm, the designer. We were most pleasantly surprised when we received the final bill of only $6,700.00. The District also supplied the funds for this amount.

The estimate for the park is $242,000.00 with a contingency and this is a very close approximation, as it was based on the Dawson Creek Park expenses. Application for funding has been made through the BC Infrastructure grant and we are encouraged with the response.

We have discussed with, and the designer has agreed to subcontract as much of the work to Tumbler Ridge businesses as possible. To locally contract out the excavation and landscaping or any other component of the work at a fair price would be a bonus for us. Not only would we keep the money in the town, but we would also have town pride built into the park. Interested contractors can get project details by contacting Larry White 242-4499.

There will be a contributors? sign erected at the sight. Individuals and businesses who donation over $100.00 and companies who donate over $500.00 will have their names on the sign. There is also an opportunity to sponsor a feature within the park and be named ON that feature. In-kind contributions will also qualify for recognition.

Donations continue to come in and we are still fundraising. Group fundraising endeavours have netted over $8,500.00 thus far and this money intended to be used for accessories such as safety fencing, signage, trials area, kiddie play area–etc. For donation details, call Murray Smith 242-4146.