Tumbler Ridge Proposed Skate Park

The challenge to TR2B3 was twofold ? to have a unique design that would give youth and families a reason to travel to Tumbler Ridge and to make the park a family affair.

The uniqueness comes from an interesting concept. Incorporated into the skate park are natural street jumps and features that are well known and popular in the skating world and found in the popular skating magazines. For instance, a wall, known as the Cambie Ledge under the Cambie Bridge is classified as the perfect jump and youth from all over come to Vancouver to try it. In San Francisco, at Fisherman?s Wharf, there is another famous block that attracts boarders and in-line skaters. The North American Championships in Toronto used a ?Fun Box? to test the professionals and the rails on the CIBC bank steps in Vancouver are just some of the features that are replicated in the Tumbler Ridge design. The skate park is intended to provide for user growth; that is, an inexperienced person can have fun and advance to bigger jumps as he or she gets better. Skate boards, in-line skates and BMX bikes all have been taken into account with this design.

There are more features that make this park different from all the others. A Fun Track leads off of the park and into the wood and back onto the other end. Around this track a BMX trials area is planned. An area for picnic tables, swings and sand boxes as well as a water feature for toddlers are possibilities and will bring the family into the Family Park. The entire corner of Monkman and Northgate can be used for family enjoyment, just use the imagination.

To bring the skatepark to this design stage has been a two year endeavour and without the support of the community and especially the town council, we would still be at the wishing stage. All comments from the community have been positive; however, consensus is not always the best for a project and feedback from the public, good and bad is not only welcome, but I think necessary.