Tumbler Ridge Provincial Court


Carruthers, James S.. Charge- CCC 253 a Operating vehicle or vessel while impaired. CCC 253 b Operating vehicle/vessel with over 80mg of alcohol and CCC270 2 Assault of a Peace Officer. Driving prohibition for 1 year with $600. fine.

Duhaime, Jack M.. Charges- CCC 266 Assault $500 Peace Bond and one year conditions.

Eastman, Damian G. Charges- MVA 95 1 Driving while prohibited/license suspended. CCC 733 1 Breach of a probation order. March 9th ,2004 for Disposition hearing.

Fierro, Joseph E. Charges- CCC 733.1 1 Operating a vehicle while impaired. June 24th, 2004, consult council.

Frayne, Daniel K. Charges- CCC 733.1 1 Breach of Probation Order. CCC 266 Assault. June 24th, 2004 for disposition breach of probation charge, June 24th, 2004 for Trial Confirmation hearing on the assault charge.

Mineault, Matthew L. Charges- CCC 355 a PSP over $5000. CCC 355 a PSP over $5000. CCC 335 1 take or occupy vehicle without the consent of the owner. Bench warrant issued for accused.

Ryan, John F. Charges- CCC 355 b PSP under $5000. CCC 348 1 b breaking and entering and committing an indictable offence. Probation Order for 6 months, effective Feb. 18th, 2004 with conditions. $400. Fine to be paid by June 18, 2004.

Starko, Bonnie L. Charges- CCC 140 1 c Reporting an offence committed when it was not. CC 435 1 Arson for fraudulent purpose. CCC 380 1 Fraud. CCC 253 a Operating vehicle or vessel while impaired. Probation order for 18 months with conditions. Suspended sentence.