Tumbler Ridge Public Library

Available now at the Tumbler Ridge Public Library is a book from newly published author Gwendolen M.J. O?Leary, a resident of Nanaimo, BC where she lives with her family.

This book is the story of a woman who comes to the realization that her marriage may be over, motherhood is not the wonderful experience she envisioned, and the person her family believes her to be does not exist. It is a look at the choices and sacrifices a wife and mother has made, and her struggle to come to terms with who and what she is.

What happens when you get to the place you dreamed of as a little girl and then find that you don?t want to be there? What do you do when the marriage and the children are not enough? Where do you turn when you no longer have a sense of self?

In Sessions With An Ordinary Housewife we see that sometimes in life we hit a wall; the black and white of our lives becomes grey. Part of the journey is to find the strength to carry on from there.

Also note worthy is the book ?Into the Wild (1996) by Jon Krakauer. This non-fiction book is about the travels of Chris McCandless and his journey to Alaska which ended in his death. McCandless, described by his teachers as ?marching to a different drum? even as a child, was on a journey of self discovery. On that road he gave his $25,000 college fund to Oxfam, and on reaching Alaska burned the last of his money that he had in his wallet and headed into the wilderness. Alaska, or any other wilderness for that matter, is not forgiving, and ignorance regarding the country can cost your life.

Certainly many thousands of native Inuit have starved to death in the Barrens, and they have lived there for millennia, which sometimes did not save them from that fate. In the end McCandless starved to death within reach of civilization, which was as inaccessible to him as the nearest planet would be. The book is both haunting and thought provoking, offering as it does a glimpse into the human psyche and what drives us, the family of man.

Other books of note at the library are: Giller Award book Late Nights on Air, The Penguin Book of Canadian Short Stories edited by Jane Urquhart and The Italian Lover by Robert Hellenga. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is also worth a second look.