Tumbler Ridge Public Library, Booklist Jan. 21, 2009

Brian Mulroney: the boy from Baie-Comeau – Rae Murphy

Citizen of the world: the life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau – John English

Jean Chretien: the scrapper who climbed his way to the top – Nate Hendley

John Diefenbaker: the outsider who refused to quit – Lanny Boutin

John Turner: the long run – Jack Cahill

Kim Campbell: the keener who broke down barriers – Heather Grace Stewart

Laurier – Richard Clippingdale

Lester B. Pearson: the geek who made Canada proud – Gordon R. Gibb

Mackenzie King and the politics of war, 1939-1945 – Brian Nolan

Memoirs – Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Mike: the memoirs of the rt. hon. Lester B. Pearson

Mulroney: the making of the prime minister – L. Ian Macdonald

Mulroney: the politics of ambition – John Sawatsky

The Outsider: the life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau – Michael Vastel

Pirouette: Pierre Trudeau and Canadian foreign policy – J.L. Granastein

Private demons: the tragic personal life of John A. Macdonald – Patricia Phenix

The Secret Mulroney tapes: unguarded confessions of a prime minister – Peter C. Newman

Sir John A. Macdonald: the rascal who built Canada – Jacqueline Brown

Sir Robert Borden: the shy guy who challenged an empire – Irene Ternier Gordon

William Lyon Mackenzie King: the loner who kept Canada together – Nate Hendley