Tumbler Ridge Public Library may have to cut services to Residents

This letter is in support of funding to continue for BC Libraries. Tumbler Ridge Public Library will lose somewhere in the range of $16,300; Province wide this is a loss of $18 Million. These grants have been forthcoming for many years and libraries as well as municipalities have come to depend on them. To consider not granting this revenue in the middle of the budget year pushes undue hardship on libraries.

The British Columbia Library Trustees Association states that ?Other points to consider are that the Provincial Government has legislated libraries as far a service levels and the fact that services are free. Cooperations have been formed to ensure that the smaller and rural libraries are able to offer equitable service to their areas as do the large centers. To expect a municipality to pay for this provincial work is not sensible.?

Some of the services lost would be Interlibrary loans, On-line services, Literacy programming and OneCard. These programs are what create equality for access to information for all citizens of British Columbia. As you understand Northern British Columbia, the funding to provide this is essential. I firmly believe that many would choose not to continue to live in this area. The sense of isolation which all have successfully worked on to dissipate would be recreated.

Premier Campbell stated that one of the Five Great Goals of British Columbia is to become is the most literate jurisdiction in North America by 2015. This was followed by the Auditor General?s report from which I quote: ?My predecessor chose to undertake this audit because all British Columbians have the right to develop the literacy and essential skills they need in order to participate fully in our social, cultural, economic and political life. Literacy is at the heart of learning. A commitment to learning throughout life leads to a society characterized by more literate, healthy and productive individuals, families, communities and workplaces.?

Consequences for Tumbler Ridge could mean a major cut in programming such as Itchy Feet and Summer Reading Club. Interlibrary loans from outside libraries may not be possible. The Library probably will not be open with as many hours or days of the week as everyone enjoys now.

Visit the Library website


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to access further impact that this will have on our Library. Once on the blog page, you will be able to access ?Jacob?s Twitter? for more in depth impacts as seen from a Librarians? perspective.

Please take action now, today! Your library is depending on you!

Write to:

Honourable Gordon Campbell

Premier of British Columbia

Box 9014

Stn Prov Govt


Jacqueline van Dyk

Director, Public Library Services


PO Box 9831 Stn Prov Govt

Victoria, BC V8W 9T1


The Honourable Dr. Margaret


Minister of Education and Minister

Responsible for Early Learning and


East Annex, Parliament Buildings

Victoria, BC V8V 1X4


MLA: Hon. Blair Lekstrom 

Peace River South

Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources




Room 133 Parliament Buildings

Victoria, BCV8V 1X4


10300 ? 10th StreetDawson Creek,