Tumbler Ridge Public Library wraps up the year

Board Chair?s Report

2008 was a good year for the Library in that Council approved our budget request in its entirety, in the region of $262,000 ? our largest budget ever. Over the past few years we have paid special attention to improving staff wages, which have typically trailed the rest of the industry, and we are finally nearing par with other libraries in BC. The budget approval also allowed major upgrades to the computer system. Next to salaries, the continuing maintenance and upgrading of the computers represents the largest financial impact on the budget.

The major event during 2008 occurred in the spring, when staff and board members undertook a workshop, facilitated by Charlie and Mary Parslow of Dawson Creek, to formulate a five-year pathway for the Library. The end result of this workshop was the goal to work towards a physical expansion of the Library. Already the Library is ?bursting at the seams? and it will only get worse as time progresses.

Council has been informed of this plan and has been asked to consider incorporating the expansion into its five-year capital budget. As the 2009 budget discussions have not yet begun, or are at least in preliminary stages, we do not know Council?s response. The Library will have to demonstrate its commitment by undertaking fundraising of its own.

Michele tells me that there are several excellent people who are considering running for the Board this year, and that is exciting news. As I step down from the Board, it is reassuring to know that the Board will continue with new blood, new vigour and new commitment. My best wishes to all of you.

Bob Norman.

Tumbler Ridge Library Board, 2009

28 people attened the board meeting at the Library. There were 15 nominations for 13 positions. Larry White and Don McPherson were the official scruiteneers.

Elected to the Board are:

Brenda Holmlund, Chair;

Bill Hendley, Vice Chair;

Peggy Holden, Treasurer;

Sherry Berringer, Secretary,


Jodi Penner

Rich McCrea

David Falcon

Donna Mandeville

Jean Polickie

Karen Curry

Janet Hartford, Honourary Board


Hank Boere

Erica Sieber