Tumbler Ridge RCMP Blotter

For the week ending 2007-07-22

Let?s hear it for Cst. Harvey for the wonderful reporting he did last week in the Blotter. Uncle Kurt is still away and the foxes are still minding the henhouse. That makes me the head fox which makes the boss nervous. What will he find when he comes back to work? Firstly, his office is gone; replaced by a Tim Horton?s. I don?t think he?d mind as there is a counter there with a couple of stools for him to conduct business. His voicemail greeting now says, ?I can?t come to the phone right now. I will call you as soon as I finish my Boston Creme and my iced cap? My office is now a video arcade complete with all the old favorites like Asteroids, Space Invaders and Defender (Grew up in the 80?s. What can I say?). Of course, this isn?t true. Uncle Kurt likes jelly doughnuts.

Let?s see what has been shaking in the big smoke this week.

The big news is youths and alcohol, youths and thefts, youths and vandalism. Reports of property crime and alcohol-fueled disturbances have increased exponentially since the beginning of summer holidays.

In the early morning hours of the 19th, two males broke into the Cold Beer and Wine Store and stole, you guessed it, liquor. Two Texas Mickeys and two 60 pounders to be exact for a grand total of $400. Since we?re playing the numbers game, how long did it take for Tumbler Ridge?s finest to solve it? Eighteen hours. Two male youths were arrested and one Texas mickey was recovered. We have oodles of evidence on them and the youths now have a 9:00 curfew for the foreseeable future. We also know who drank the rest of the liquor and we?re going to tuck that information away for an opportune time.

The scooter/cycle that was stolen from a special needs child is still outstanding. We want it returned to the owner. Since we now know who is responsible, they better grow a conscience, find it and bring it in to us. Don?t make us come looking for you. For the rest of you, it?s reddish pink (or pinkish red) and has 3 wheels. If you see it, let us know.

I checked four youths last night. Surprise, surprise, they had been drinking. I guess I should have taken each home to their parents because they later did quite a few silly things. Three of the four now face charges including Cause Disturbance, Mischief, Trespass at Night, Obstruct Peace Officer and Breach of Probation. Two spent the night in jail because their parents said let them stay there. Guess what their curfew is now.

Here is an interesting side note. Our jail is like every other jail. Concrete walls, concrete beds, steel door and a stainless steel commode. Tastelessly decorated, very uncomfortable and not very private. I would say it is the last place one would want to spend the night but we get lots of customers.

A very nice citizen had his wallet stolen out of his car while parked in the Shop-easy parking lot overnight. No cash was stolen but all of the id is outstanding. We know who is responsible for this one too. Charges are pending. Guess who will also be getting a curfew.

A youth was checked with a bulky packsack that went clink clink when he walked. The clink clink was two 26ers of the good stuff. As I was busy with other matters, I seized everything and told the young gent to come in with his mother to retrieve his packsack and his ticket. He hasn?t done so yet so I will have to go looking for him. Do you think he told mommy? Maybe he should have a curfew too.

Since we?re on the topic of curfews, do you remember the youths that broke into the cold beer and wine store? The next day, one of them was arrested at 3:00 for breaking curfew.

Now, I don?t want to be accused of being hard on the young people. Most young people are very well-behaved and they have earned the respect of Detachment members. There were many adults that behaved childishly this week also. However, most of our time was spent chasing a certain segment of the youth population so they merit a commensurate amount of coverage in the Blotter. If this keeps up, most of the problem group will be off the streets by 9:00 PM nightly.

It?s light out now and I?m tired. A whole lot of other really cool stuff happened this week but I?m not going to tell you. I?ll leave you with this though:

I still love you all.

Cst. Patrick Jenkins

Tumbler Ridge RCMP